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  1. Thank you for the bump bby and for showing your support throughout making this thread.

  2. ^Someone's a little stalker...
    What's your point?
  3. Nothing except that I'd like to add you to my special thanks at the end.

    Also this isn't a thread by me this is a thread by the kawmmunity just like your thread is a thread by the kawmmunity. Keep up the hard work on creating links and alphabetical names<3
  4. No, it's a thread by you and that is evident by your constant bumping (eg. 3 in a row on the last page). No one appreciates the thread, hence why it drops off AT and why people don't respond when you bump it.

    I know you want to feel like you've contributed but the thread is just crap. Please stop bumping it.

    (In before you tell me how I bumped it blah blah blah, it was already at the top of AT. I was going to post on it earlier but didn't want to bump this filth onto AT again, like you constantly do.)
  5. ^What he said.

  6. Please leave my thread ie; Sasuke/Kasama and Anarchy if you aren't going to contribute thank you. I've already emailed support ^_^

    Have a nice day <3

    Back to hitting my ebs and growing as someone would do after playing for years
  7. Killzone is a valuable part of the kawmunity and puts in endless hrs of work to contribute valuable input into game play. She has been here cents the beginning of this game and people that just want to troll or be disrespectful will ultimately be the reason why kaw it's self will fail. Keep up the good work KZ. Haters gona hate. Xoxox ;)
  8. Lazy me wouldn't mind getting aqua and fire to display in "other items" on profile page (android user)
    Just be so much easier!
  9. I'd like to see the amount of crystals that can be used on EB's bumped up. With the addition of longer/harder EB's, only being able to use six per battle is an outdated modality. I'd like to at least use ten per battle, but overall I think any limit should be expunged.
  10. What exactly DIDN'T you name... Good thread though
  11. Wow this is great
  12. Clan bank - Store nobs in a clan bank.
    125 Clan member limit.

    Also extra owners 1 is not enough
  13. For those who likes to read with there eyes not burning.
  14. Will be updating tomorrow

  15. Killzone please add my clan structure proposal to the list 
  16. Okay hun, I'll definitely make sure <3

    Will update tomorrow after baron and I look at a house to buy
  17. Thank you for takong the time to make things easier with your thread Hun, because i really dont have the time, but i have an idea that i believe many would appreciate:
    I believe the devs should devise a private wall for each clan, something the owner n officers can use to plan clan growth, stradegies and structure. A place that wont be interrupted by cc chat or seen by outsiders or guests.
  18. Now that I'm out of college for the semester I have time to update this list. Sorry for slacking, I had a tough semester 5 English courses and 1 online class.