Update on End of Orison's of Glory: Part 6

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Charlie, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Lol, its just after 6pm pst.

    But nonetheless, something probably did go wrong.
  2. Ty for the catch, 
  3. Now it's giving an error saying not enough when I try to upgrade the harpoon, I have 8 scales fix please do it properly.
  4. Lol, you have it enchanted.
  5. Tier 2 harpoon gives more def stats than tier 5? And some shoulders have better stats than harpoon? Balance the equipment properly
  6. Wow you really do live up to your username. Stop spamming forums because you're not paying attention. Or are you just trying to complain about something?
  7. Thanks Charlie. What about the Mariner's Charms?
  8. He meant the Mariners Charms, probably autocorrect.
  9. People really need to think before they post on here
  10. Definitely. Or, at least read. I'm answering a ton of questions that i wouldn't have to if people read what was posted.
  11. Hi. May I ask when exactly are we gonna be refunded with our remaining mariner's charm?
  12. I didnt notice any nob refund on items used to open new eb... had about 40-50
  13. are the zta ebs still going to be around this weekend?
  14. Charlie?!!!!!?!?!?!??????

    I missed you. The doghouse is cold.
  15. Refund is going to be delivered today :smile:
  16. When is the conversion of charms to nps?
  17. I'm still waiting for the refund..... ???