[UPDATE] iOS v1.68

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  1. My game is lagging out worse than before.
  2. Oh dear, main experiences issues just downloading iOS 8  pretty sure I'm gonna regret this
  3. My phone automatically downloaded the update.
    My phones never had an issue with it ._.
  4. I hate iOS 8, I can't copy and paste anymore
  5. We're aware of Copy/Pasting not functioning and hope to have it fixed in a future update.

    Additionally, for those of you still experiencing lag or slow actions, can you please download this speediest application, run a speediest, and let us know your ping as well as your download and upload speeds.

    It seems that there are reports of those on iOS8 having network issues over WiFi and this information will help us determine if this may be a factor in what some players are currently experiencing.
  6.  I got 8.85 Mbs download, 0.68 Mbs upload, and 28 ms ping... Is that bad? •-•
  7. It took 4 attempts for my to download the update I even contacted apple who did a diagnostic test on my phone..it's still in the process of downloading the update!!!
  8. Ping: 16ms
    D/L: 19.46 mbs
    U/L: 1.48 mbs

    I have performance issues on wi-go and 3G
  9. Damn android needs this now
  10. First I had this
  11. Now it's preparing to update
  12. Still not able to copy and paste on the iPad mini
  13. 2 hours and still counting on download for iOS 8 software update
  14. Re: [UPDtATE] iOS v1.68

    Thanks devs grear job!! :)
  15. Great job devs appreciate it a lot thanks
  16. Download: 24.7 Mbps
    Upload: 5.85 Mbps
    Ping: 70 Ms
  17. Been experiencing random crashes since the update. Don't know if everyone is having the problem but I am. On iPhone 5s with ios 8
  18. My jaw has been crashing for about a month or 2 not downloaded iOS 8 yet. Sometimes when I load eb it crashes or when I can be writing in CC and it crashes also