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  1. Since the new update I can no longer paste on wc or cc!?! I'm on iOS anyone else with this problem?
  2. Normal ads don't work in wc 
  3. Strange that after 4yrs of playing this app,I'm now playing on a unofficial version devs will you kindly test out your updates before releasing them this is almost as bad as your rebalancing of the events.
  4. What's an auto compete :(
  5. Update : 10/10

    Beta testers : -1/10
  6.  Jackson that made me laugh and I'm not sure why 
  7. OK, in Itunes store it lets me install the old app that used to work.. but its installaing the 1.87 and it should be this One:

    Version 1.86, Released Jan 27, 2016

    we now you have a 1.91 release for ios... but please make the alternate download available for
    the rest of us... 1.86 was the last good update for older devices. not the 1.87

    hope you guys can fix this... you're loosing money not having this one, i prefer to spend on your game and not buy a new phone/ device like a lot of folks out there.. :cool:
  8. Support. Good to see the Dev's are working hard.
  9. I got a response telling me to use a third party app clip board. Okay. But ca is blank when you click on it so we still cannot copy it to paste it to said clip board 
  10. Dont like this update, always put me out and I need restart the app
  11. Not sure if I'm ready to update . Seems like there's a bunch of bugs ?
  12. Just updated myself.. No issues yet..

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  13. Umm devs playing on ios 7.1.1 and I can't paste any ads out on wc or cc only on pm even though the ads are of suitable sizes so I think ur update has bigs
  14. Same here I cant paste ad on both wc and cc
  15. devs are aware of the paste problem
  16. You need to change the clan announcements where they show previous announcers so it's easier to adjust for iPhones. Plus not being able to use three line ads hurts too.
  17. When will iOS users be able to paste ads in WC again?
  19. I just updated again to fix bugs on iOS ... Now it keeps crashing when I try to hit eb's... Can you sort this new bug plz devs