[UPDATE] iOS/Android/Amazon

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  1. A new update to Kingdoms at War for IOS, Android, and Amazon will be appearing in the respective App Stores in the next few hours.

    This update includes the following changes:

    Username Auto-Compete
    - Reply to players easier than ever in chat!
    - Start by typing @ to view a list of usernames
    - World Chat username list is based on recent posters
    - Clan chat username list is based on clan members

    Clan Role Change
    - Chargehands are now able to accept applicants in addition to being able to kick and mute

    Chat UI Improvements
    - Swipe left and right to move between World, Clan, and Ally chats
  2. Nice improvement on clan roles
  3. They used my idea :smile:
  4. typo it says club instead of clan
  5. Fixed, thanks!
  6. Very happy with the role change!!! 
  7. On another note will next event have lucky fortune box?
  8. YAY Chargehand isn't completely useless
  9. Grant, why you no reply to my Twitter joke? Cmon bruh I know you liked it
  10. Nice one devs! You may be asses, idiots, ignorants, people nobody likes, but for the first time, I shall applaud you
  11. I've been able to swipe the chat for at least a year js 
  12. so now, us admins of clans that merely edit CA's and never fully wipe them, have to copy and paste the whole CA each time we want to edit anything. why is it that we have to do that, devs?
  13. You're right for Android, though we're bringing the change over to iOS as well this time around :)
  14. So when can iOS user be able to scout like android users? And when can iOS user can see who is active on an EB from a different clan?
  15. So this means that if a player makes a threat to attack you, kaw automatically let's your troops attack him?
  16. Firstly yeah I like it.. It's useful and quicker. Can maybe help in wars also when calling names. Only suggestion is to fix the announcement back up at the top, and also removing the opacity of the element.

    Update: you could also make it more appealing, maybe smaller and smoother it looks like a job done quick for the design.

    It just looks a little rough. And is the feature for reporting inappropriate messages found in a certain way? I didn't understand that bit.
  17. This really helps game play,why not the NEW SVERUGANTI EB,the chargehand shange is a step in the right direction though.
  18. Thank you for the chargehand addition, now please add more authority to some of the others. There should be a large (read "as many as you want to buy") number of positions that can do the basic old admin roles of admitting, kicking, and sorting eb's.

    Still can't see any reason to limit that. Other options or additional options...great. But let us buy an unlimited number of the "basic clan operation" positions.
  19. Sweet!! 