Update: Incorrect Drops at end of Legends September 7th

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  1. Hi everyone!

    There was an issue where all EBs started to drop the incorrect items required for the Legends currently going on.


    There was an issue where all EBs started to drop the incorrect items required for the Legends currently going on.

    All players will have their progress converted to the correct type and given time to collect their earned rewards

    Details of issue and compensation

    Instead of dropping:

    Broken Dwimmerstick
    Pooka Witch Braid
    Dwarven Message
    Jati Chief Letter
    Salamandrite Ore
    Dunnic Ore

    The following items dropped instead:

    Sanctified Blacksalt
    Katthras Herb
    Blessed Tallow
    Votary's Ashes
    Consecrated Wine

    We are going to do two things to fix this:

    1. We will be converting all incorrect items into the correct items that should have dropped. Allowing all players to recieve progress for all the work they have done towards this legend.

    2. We will be extending the length of time you may go to your LEGENDS tab and collect rewards. We will be extending the length of time until September 8th @12:00 pm.
    ***This is not extending the entire event. All drops have stopped for this event.
  2. First 

    Thanks for the help Caster
  3. When can i get my war rewards. Says completed but wheres mah stuff
  4. isn't firsting forum bannable?
  5. Hey, could you write in to support? I want to be able to check that outtttt
  6. Just start the next legend n it's side quests,this happened the last legend n nothing was done in the way of compensation,if you are going to start the Legends late then the clock should start when the legend comes out.
  7. I'd 9922 ore before event ended, completed haunts in time before event ended but got wrong drop, now it says I failed to reach 10,000. This is not on, means I've lost out on 800 osman ray crestplates, which when added to what I have, saves me 15 trillion in upgrades. Are ye gonna fix this or what
  8. Can we get aqua/inferno event please.
  9. Yo. Can you send a message through Feedback? I should be able to look into it.
  10. Refer to ticket #824151, send and addressed but as mentioned above, says now that I failed. Will send another ticket to you now
  11. I would like to keep the new items. Thanks.
  12. Same for me. I'd already sent feedback before I noticed this thread though. Waiting for response
  13. More glitches? Impossible. Dead fixed KaW.
  14. I have 40k messages but it's not showing an option to claim them nor is it saying I've failed it. So where is it? Already sent feedback too
  15. Technology support can be unexpectedly complicated. From what ATA wrote, it sounds as if everybody will be made whole. I wouldn't be concerned unless, after noon tomorrow PDT, you haven't received your rewards.

  17. I already sent (#824458) a ticket but i reached 40k and my rewards haven't appeared
  18. Dear ATA, Since both minor and major screw-ups on your part are constantly endured by your kaw players, please consider "paying it forward" to those you have not yet jipped and FAIRLY compensating those of us who continue to endure your mistakes (which is all of your other players), and simply award everyone in the game the Legends rewards they would have received if they had hit their next tier up. Throw in a couple of Life Crystals on top of that, and you'll make everyone happy and you can move on with your next Legends event. Problems solver, happy players, Devs & Customer Support can all go home on time. *EVERYONE HAPPY*. You're welcome.
  19. #bringbackwareq