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  1. Will this new update, update the support for iOS 11 compatibility. I’ve already reported the bugs on KaW in iOS 11. As an apple developer, it’s nice to have this update come out as soon as possible, considering I get all of the iOS betas. However, the bugs are, you can’t paste anything to the text bar, nor see the text bar much less, for world chat, clan chat, or ally chat. Also, you cannot use PM at all. Thanks.
  2. Given what you said about PM, as well as the fact that the Android update overhauls PM's UI, and the fact that ATA owns the app and tailors it for updates, I think you might be safe, person-above-me.
  3. I read this and somehow have no clue what I just read
  4. Having used all versions since i started the previous iphone interface was certainly the most intuitive to use.
    I would much prefer an android version based around that set up but with the scout perks that android affords
    Pvp is also far more fluid on i device. As is selecting player profiles. For some odd reason from different menues you have to click different parts of the box to select a player to attack. This is a total pain. And oddly apperently unique to android
    My huge request though. Please for the love of my sanity allow chat options to screen rotate to the side so we can use the bigger keyboard to type. These android buttons are so darn small if i didn't correct every darn word i type you would have no clue what i was typing.
  5. Support
  6. Actually you misread what I wrote. I’m not saying that the android update effected me. Nor will. Though they need an update for iDevices with iOS 11 Beta.
  7. Kell stop using fisher price phones 
  8. I said Android, not ios.
  9. The new update sucks big time as soon as it auto updated lag kicked in and the new version of pm looks like a six yr olds comic book,why waste their resources on changes like this.
  10. Apparently it coincides with a larger uphaul they are doing. They are working on a better interface tho. Cross your fingers.
  11. The way things are going in KAW I've everything crossed.
  12. Hi folks,

    Fixing the way ads look in PM so you can still use them the way you want.

    AFAIK this is already done and should be rolling out soon. Sorry about that and thanks very much for bringing it to our attention.
  13. No idea what phone you're using but selecting profiles from all menus and the attack box work fine with me, don't need to click specific areas for it to work. Just noticed you said that problem was unique to your phone, oops lol

    Anywho, on all the Android devices I've owned I could always rotate my phone for forums and all chats, including pm to type sideways
  14. Its gonna look like pimd
  15. So the new update makes the pm ui a lot more user friendly. The graphics are still cheesy. But that is KaW for us. Lol.
    Thanks to Mark for taking an interest, and handling the character issue really well.

    Mods, can I get a lock, please?
  16. Half the time you Devs update/change something it's a change that didn't need to happen.

    Then you have a group of people throwing out suggestions on what could change for the better and you ignore.

    Anyhow a friend just saw the pm update and hates it lol. So one more counted for the Hate Update.
  17. I like it tho,it looks cute
  18. Locking
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