Upcoming Maintenance [underwear]

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  1. Pestilence, the title is clear that the thread is a joke because of the [underwear] in it. This is done so that the thread isn't confused for imitation of kaw_community. Do you honestly believe he wrote something in the title intending for it not to be read? That doesn't make any sense at all.

    Furthermore, if you want threads that meet your standard of substance, then create them.
  2. Yes, it is too much to ask for. This is what KAW forums is. Want some substance, eat some complex carb foods with some fruit, or read a book.
  3. True. The whole community need not be aware of my undergarment maintenance timetable, but for those interested, I simply have provided an itinerary.

    I've been PM'ed for not providing one in the past. It was rather harsh.

    You will know?

    Forum debate in an fictitious war game is a bootless errand. You may or may not partake in the useless jargon that allows for an unstudied response, but the "literal translation" has become the actual context of today's community. Embrace it.

    Lies. Everyone notices my underwear.

    Your literal translation of my post proclaims both your understanding that this is a joke, and that you are comparing my humor to kaw_community's updates.

    Jerk. That hurts my literal feelings.

    Though, cleaning ones undergarments is an optional choice, I do admit, most 9 year olds leave that task up to their parents.

    Let's bow our heads and hope for the sake of proper hygiene, the undergarments of all players of this game are being properly washed.

  4. Nah. You're awesome.

    Nah. You're awesome.


  5. was i the only one who was genuinely compelled to not say anyhing for awhile after seeing that?
  6. Oh Daphnia...

    Even your lightest of touch commands obedience.
  7. Don't you have some growth to do?!

    Pretty please.
  8. Don't judge me.

    I grew from 200k CS to 315. Doesn't that count?

    Also, perm silenced. Hard to HTE.
  9. Come on Zeth, really? You always want ppl to judge you on Extreme's thread. How many requests are you up to now on that thread.

    Back on topic. What kind of detergent do you use Willy? I prefer liquid Tide
  10. Oh you mean the sexy homeless man contest thread?

    Yeah, you can judge me there. But don't judge me otherwise. That's below the belt.
  11. Woah, Willy? You're still on here? Hey bro! Not sure if you remember me. But I remember you! I'm just stopping by to see what's up.
  12. If you couldn't tell from the title that this tread was going to be light on the substance...then Bah Humbug to you.

    It seems like you have your panties in a bunch for no good reason.

    Thanks for the laugh Willy️
  13. Look at this clown
  14. LOL - as always!
  15. lmao Willy!
  16. 
  17. I just bought a 90 pack of the new Tide pods? You ever see those? They are a strange texture. Feels like a bucket of eyeballs.

    Not that I have ever had a bucket of eyeballs.