Upcoming Lowland War Equip/Ally Bonuses

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  1. Will these bonuses be factors in the match ups process ?
  2. You are avoiding the subject. Why do this in the first place? NO ONE WANTS THIS. LL wars are great how they are, why fix what isn't broken? Let your communities voice count for something and scrap this idea.
  3. Honestly Frosty is right. There are people who will get the max bonus saying its a bad idea. There are people that have warred every season saying they will stop warring if this happens. Almost no one wants this. It's a bad idea.

    Your idea is bad, and you should feel bad.
  7. Nvm KAW.. Do whatever you want. Your people don't want this and you could care less
  8. I agree with this, it's very possible they are trying to make ll different than baby primal wars. By adding in max plunder from allies an atk will make more gold than a stl, as it is everywhere else. But who knows for sure.
  9. Ok my fault.. Apparently there are 3 supporters besides the devs of this idea.. CLEARLY it should go through
  10. No support ! No support! No support! It was so clear first announcement Lmao!!! The balanced play field will be gone..how many times we have say this?
  11. Their ears requires a higher tone to hear anything
  13. Seriously the only modification needed is the allies plunder to attacks.. But not by adding BFA and BFE :)
  14. Can't even give a straight answer. If you want to reward players for their invested time in bfe and bfa, then tell them to go war in indi's.

    Like I have said before find a better way to promote ally trade. Maybe put out some comparable mith equipment to that which you get from events.

    All in all this was a great way to ruin a war where strategy and actual skill was involved.

    No support for this. No tolerance either.

  15. AMEN
  16. LOL Zaft wanting BFA in LL wars when they have no allies, or BFA... Bwahahah
  17. I thought I would supply a translation to kaws explanation of the lowland changes.

    "Our big spenders who pay for this game have complained that their spending does not give them the advantage they get in every other aspect of kaw. Since we are a business, we value their input above anything else. The gobbledygook we just posted was simply to give the appearance of caring about the rest of you free riding leeches. You all only exist as game content to the spenders, we only need enough of u around, so the spenders will have someone to be 'better' than".

    I hope that clears things up for everyone.
  18. Support
  19. Ooooooo no players will be given an advantage based on there work towards the game.... What are we gonna do