Upcoming Lowland War Equip/Ally Bonuses

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  1. Nah no shot it sucks
  2. Counter contributes my build(s) and bfa. Lucky I gave up LL wars.
  3. @king

    So if they do go ahead with this idea you think it will change the mech of ll war at all.There will still be ps1 rosters except they will now have an increase in buffs of all thier stats.Tanks will still chase an empty troop bar while you are skimmed down for plunder. Hansels will rein over kaw as they always have.

    Tl:Dr It will benefit the hansel more than any other build.
  4. @ jungle

    Tanks/hybrids absolutely dominate in indy wars, and are competitive in lowland wars. Look at the leaderboard bracket in individual. It always stacks all the hansels/ps vs the biggest leaderboard player for an automatic loss. That doesn't seem like domination to me.

    Difference is, you can convert your lowland for anything you want for under 300b. An all hybrid roster is going to beat an all ps1 roster the majority of the time when the players are equally skilled in lowlands, an all tank roster will beat that hybrid roster, and an all ps1 roster will beat the tanks. It's balanced.
  5. YES, I realize I am copying myself.

    @KaW_Community, please answer this question. There are a lot of theories floating around this thread -- but few facts because we simply do not have them. What are the facts about these proposed changes?

    If your messaging was better from the outset (like perhaps run it by a couple of people involved in whatever facet of the game you are proposing to change BEFORE releasing it to the public) we might be able to help you shape your message to avoid just these kinds of responses.

    So again I ask, please give us INFORMATION so that we may make an INFORMED JUDGMENT about what your proposed changes are.
  6. Bad idea kaw
    Dont implement it pls
  7. Except BFA and BFE were never factored into primals. You mean round wars. Get it right.
  8. Support on bfa - lb spend a ton of money on the game just for a 1 week account to be able to perform a load of successful actions on them in ee. Sorry but I'm missing the incentive to buy allies and grow?
  9. I hate ll and will make me hate it more, meaning that All those with Big BFA and BFE will be better as ps1 (like shadow hansels back in the day) No more ll for me
  10. There is tons of participation in llwars - now it appears they want to kill llwars

    Devs take a good thing and muck it up
  11. Shocker... Still no support from anyone INCLUDING the lb players... I'm assuming you'll see reason and scrap this idea? Baaaahahahaha yeah sure.
  12. It certainly sounds like there is still some confusion over the level of OP-ness of the equip/ally bonuses.

    What is the bonus based off?
    To reiterate our explanations, the percentage bonus you receive is actually NOT a percentage of your overall equip or ally bonus you have to your account. It will be a percentage of your LL stats (which is, as everyone has mentioned, balanced for all).

    How much bonus will I receive?
    The percentage amount that you will receive for each bonus type is based on the following:

    For Equip Bonus

    The percentage amount you receive here is based on your total bonus from equips (that you would normally see outside of LL wars). This value (the total bonus) puts you in a stat bracket that will determine the percentage amount that will be taking from your combined Lowland building stats, and then added on top of that. As we mentioned, these percentage amounts are capped, depending on which stat tier you are in. This means that we know exactly how much of a bonus someone can possibly get, thus merely serving to reward players for the work they put into their equipment, but still maintaining a fair and enjoyable war experience.

    For Ally Bonus

    Similar to the Equip Bonus explained above, the percentage amount you will receive for your Ally Bonus will be based on the strength of the Allies you have. The strength of your Allies will put you into a bracket which will determine the percentage amount taken from the stats of your Lowland buildings, and then added on top of that.

    Hopefully this helps to clear up some confusion that may still be surrounding the upcoming Equip and Ally Bonuses for Lowland Wars.
  13. You should fix the Amazon update.
  14. Im thinking 15lb will win war. Easy mith and ee again.
  15. I've only just came back. Haven't warred since season2. Don't understand why you'd make something that seems fair for all, unfair.

    Even if it isn't unfair, why separate players? Why take those with low equip and low bfa away from those that have high equip and high bfa? Just keep everyone in one group. It keeps wars active and participation high in both brackets.
  16. We understand that it is a percent of your LL build strength. The concern is how HIGH do these percentages go? If an LB player gets a 10% stat boost to LL war build strength, that is HUGE in wars that are as closely matched as these are. However, if the overall bonus ANYONE could ultimately achieve (LB player or not) is only 1% of the LL stats for, then it won't skew the playing field too much and will encourage growth.

    So to reiterate, how much percentage increase is possible?
  17. Support TRUMP ! Ohh wait..... and KAW. Together we can eliminate communism.
  18. Nobody cares, we don't want this update period, stop trying to explain your garbage ideas, its not great, its not wanted. don't ruin the one fair type of wars, when this is the first war type without mass complaints every day from wars. Its fair, its a bit if a learning curve and constantly changing based on the meta, BT it doesn't need additional updates or additions, its fine.
  19. It will change that troops will have allies plunder on attacks.. So the whole gameplay will change
  20. Any increase in bonus when your only talking about low lands is huge. Again should do a beta test to prove that your ideas are junk. If do this just give us full cs round wars and make it % increase instead of full bfa