Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

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  1. Nice odea but a little different from what i expected.If only we can buy or have the roles as sort of a "rank" or "role" that is distinct from being an admin with the old system of adminship being untouhed.
  2. I really love the coming update.
    Paying for them is kinda okay. I would have rather had that with unlocking ebs you could have unlocked new clan roles gradually. That really would make you proud developing ur clan as owner and proud as clan to achieve something together. But that prolly would have taken way more developing time. So this a good in between way. I can live with that. Coz I really really really like this new role system. Maybe it will need some tweaking later we will see.

    For all who are afraid that tiny clans not survive. Let's help them a bit with donating 50b to unlock a clan role. If all bigger players just help out a few clans with buying them a 50 b role we then can get our precious little ones some help.

    And another name then peasant would be appreciated by whole community prolly.

    Thanks devs!
  3. Who gets the gold
  4. Well 25b was way too cheap...
    Plus it would now discourage hoppers
  5. Thx a lot bud :)
  6. No support, features are awesome but wouldn't benefit those managing the starter's clan. We get about 1-2 billion each eb and if this really comes in.. my clan wouldn't be able to initiate 24/7 ebs and etc. Even when I have this many admins, I'm still struggling to keep it in check. I'm sorry but no support from me. It's a really great idea though.
  7. Why discourage clan hoppers? Are yall that antisocial? If they just took away all clans and let people cast to do an eb , like ee wars. That would lessen gold in game
  8. Agree
  9. Who are you? Are u a new mod?! O.O
  10. Well, starter clans are of course for starters at the start. Tell me, would you like staring at tfo and warbeast in 6-12 months? Everyone should grow. Unless you want to be peasant in a year or clan hop every week..
    Just for the fun of it, create an alt and join a starter clan when the next event starts. Im pretty sure the silver bars would get you out of the peasant hole.
  11. Nope. Im mod for asia/euro wc, you are probably in the other wc.
    Nice to meet you Tanked 
  12. Ahh. Nice to meet you too 
  13. Please stay on subject, lmao like anyone stays on topic
  14. No one is discouraging anyone from clan hopping. You can be a knight in one clan, a recruiter in another and a peasant in another. Don't you like changing roles? ;)
  15. My god it's actually happening.
  16. You should be able to declare war on a clan with similar size and strength for a set amount of time and raid their war chest.
  17. 8.3T for a WarBeasts clan is unrealistic, without Warbeast KaW can't help noobs grow. Its pretty simply we all know it. Everyone saying that 8.3T is worth it(remember you guys are all in Top Clans), I agree but I also know like many others we can kiss our noob clans good bye. Any clan who doesn't hit b2b hte or aff for that matter.
  18. I'm not paying for it
  19. You have a point...hopefully however it will deter overly noobish people from making clans, and allow clans made by experienced and reasonably wealthy players to take centre stage.
  20. Wow...one more reason for devs to take your money...kinda ridiculous....no support at all on this...way to start pushing loyal players out of the game... As usual, only thinking of your pockets and not the people who enjoy the game..