Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

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  1. I Agree
  2. This is NOT what the community asked for. What was requested was a co-owner type role to make life easier for clan owners. Now the owner gets to try to apply 8 levels of admin, some nearly useless, across multiple time zones to keep the clan running. On top of that, with the movement in and out of clans for war and other reasons, a list of positions will likely need to be maintained. It looks like a pain in the ass for owners, not an aid.
  3. Agree that peasant is a bit much. There are plenty of other words to mean the same thing. Infantryman? Trainee? Villager is better than peasant.... This is just demeaning. Also, brilliant way to make smaller clans fail 
  4. Agree that peasant is a bit much. There are plenty of other words to mean the same thing. Infantryman? Trainee? Villager is better than peasant... Also, brilliant way to make smaller clans fail even faster 
  5. This totally sucks.
  6. Complains about to much gold in game, devs create gold sink, complains that it costs to much.

    How in the world do the devs satisfy us? It seems impossible. Smh.
  7. Devs. How dare you make the game the way you want
    Don't you know that players here HAVE to play?
    Why can't you just make it do everyone is a winner and everyone gets cool stuff?
  8. The irony is this: a peasant joins an hte clan. NOBILITY points->Seal of the DOOMed.
    So, there are "peasants" who can afford a lot of SoDs. How noble are future hte-peasants. PEAsants. :cool: PIEsants
  9. I think kaw should have to pay a few tril to make mods then 
  10. Support -1; it is useless af and costs a ton of gold,as if we do not have better things to soend our gold for ;P bc accs who can access gold easier get favoured there,so people who want to start little clans cant split the worl with admins anymore
  11. Pretty sure the term "Peasant" is because they're keeping in theme of how kaw is a medieval era RPG?

    They aren't trying to demean anyone. :roll:

    Peasants, plebians, pleb, denizens were all societal roles back in the day.

    The 8 admin roles are who the clergy, warriors and so on in society were divided back then.

    Give the devs a break and quit complaining just for the sake of it, we've been asking for detailed clan roles for a long time now.

    Do you know how silly it is arguing with a game developer for updating their game the way they choose?
    The obviously have more insight into how to run their game.

    I don't see anyone arguing on Clash forums after the new update where a 3 year old core feature of farming was removed. Know why? Because the devs there don't entertain it, they do what they please and rarely bother explaining why things are changed.

    We should be glad that kaw devs are listening and working with the community.
  12. This is not needed and way to complicated, just allowing a co-owner and a couple head admin would have been fine. Why complicate things so much? Need unlimited admin roles, only 100 members and we are all playing in different time zones. This is going to be a nightmare to manage.
    I also think this is going to be much harder on smaller clans catering to new members. It's already hard enough to get started in this game. Why put excess burden on new players and small clans. What happens when KAW stops getting new players? It's the slow march to the death of the game.
    It's been said several times, I'll repeat once more, peasant sounds demeaning. Member was fine.
  13. +1 support this guy
    It takes the freedom of giving the admin role to everyone,managing of bigger clans who have members ,for example,in australia and uk, it will be a pain to manage.and the roles take equality of some people,could invoke disputes between clanmates,and between us,the term'peasant' is not very nice...
  14. No support, just another money grab from the greedy dev! I predict the beginning of the end of Kaw with this nonsense!
  15. Okay, thank you. Your expertise in this matter is greatly appreciated.
    I have some stocks vesting this year, could you predict when they'll end also?
  16. What's wrong with peasants, you elitist turds, are you afraid hard work is contagious?

    Personally, I think warlord is the more offensive title in that list. Peasants, were hard working, generally honest people. Warlords tended to be thugs.
  17. I thought the thread which suggested this update was something like "Richer Clan structure". So we need to be rich to do some elite clan-hopping. Hmmm, you got us there, devs :D 50bil for every clan-hop destinations. Sleeeek.
  18. No support, this isn't needed

  19. I support this
  20. Why are you guys complaining.
    I understand suggestions but this is exactly what the kawcommunity asked for
    Ask for gold to purchase ranks i find its fair. There are too many new clans out there and theyre probably going to die in a week or two. This promotes fewer but stronger clans(able to afford ranks)