Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

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  1. So is it solely on the owner to purchase the new roles or can other clan members help lessen the burden by also purchasing roles? Because if it's the former I can see this being a problem for smaller or even medium sized clans.
  2. This is crap you are going to lose a lot of players.
  3. Screw this im already admin at home clan why should i have to buy it when i practically co own the thing
  4. Ok I was all for clan enhancements and even posted forums myself on it a year or two ago, but I agree with alot of others that have already posted. Michaelbrs said it well as have others, so wont try to repost it all. But I agree our clan members are definately more valuable than being a peasant, that does come across demeaning. I also, think the cost is too steep, and think so many admin roles in overkill for what was requested and needed in changes, added co-owner and head admin would be sufficient, imo. Also, think limiting the number of positions is pointless, this will make things difficult on owners in deciding who gets what positions of loyal admins. Im notsure I agree that any one under what is considered the war chief should be able to change roles of other admins as well. But please kaw consider listening to the people and revamp this, clan enhancements would be awesome but the object should be to help the clan run smoother and not make things more difficult to manage for the owner(s).
  5. In my clan I have the role of sausage roll, so I hope they implement that also.
  6. Not if devs changed "peasant" word into something decent.
  7. Why over complicate things with more roles, especially ones that must be purchased?? and peasants is a degrading term.
  8. Way to many roles to keep track of... And there is no point to having to buy these positions especially when they are this expensive, small and medium clans will hardly be able to produce the 1 trillion needed to purchase them (I know that this has already been said).

    Also the names are absolutely terrible
  9. I for one like the peasant title, it's how it was historically. If a kingdom didn't have peasants to farm lands or take care of cattle then the kingdom would fail. It may seem demeaning, but that's how the times were.
  10. It will be like in the days of Robin Hood and .

    I personally can't wait. My clan is in desperate need of an overhaul.

    I want to be the sheriff of Nottingham.
  11. Seems a little over complicated with so many roles with very little differences. Fully support this though, people have been asking for a more in depth clan structure and this is definitely a start. Also a nice but small gold sink.

    It's definitely not great for small clans but realistically it is manageable because the lower roles can perform basic admin duties and there all relatively cheap.

    I love how one guy complained about the peasant title and then everyone jumped on it... If you don't won't to be a peasant get of your ass and earn that promotion 
  12. Everyone asked for this... But... Not exactly this... Paying for roles? And a limit? Seems more constrictive than before. Going to have to say no support for this update, it will hurt clans that don't have tons of gold laying around and also, what the crap, peasants??? I'm gonna go make my own clan just so I don't have to be called a lame ass peasant.
  13. Means one who puts money into a clan bonds a stronger attachment with it, feels more obliged to stick with that clan (feels more like a family to them)
    I feel like thats what going to happen with this update, and thats definitely a good thing.

  14. Bloody peasants!
  15. As I've said before, pump that cs and you get of the peasant train. Hansels everywhere, I guess. :cool:
  16. I travel between clans often, so I will probably stay a peasant for a long time. But with that being said, it gives people a reason to grow in their clans and stay loyal.
  17. Just don't do the silly update.
  18. Sorry a terrible idea.. What about clans for new players. sorry What is with the titles.. Cannot a owner or clan pick, and why change from owner to warlord.. You are not listening to the community and being making decisions which do not support the majority.