Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Devs, please
    Let us rename the roles to whatever we want
    I'll love you long time
  2. An individual will need to make the purchase, but anyone who has the ability to manage clan roles can foot the bill.
  3. Basically the current 'member' role, will now be 'peasant'.
  4. Unlimited members? Or still 100 cap
  5. Roles will have a distinct name for consistency, so when you move to another clan you know exactly what each role can and can't do. Titles will remain so you can call everyone a scrub.
  6. Stupid idea. Why fix what isn't broke.
  7. Member limit is still capped.
  8. Now it costs gold for positions
  9. Thats pretty awesome
  10. This is kinda gay. Why do we have to pay for admins lol
  11. Srsly
  12. Thank you devs!!
  13. This IS the update we have been asking for :D

    Thanks for listening devs. It's a shame the roles need to be bought but that's also a great way of removing excess gold from the economy so it's understandable.

    Can't wait to see what you do with EE next because that's another huge area of the game that has required some work for a while (even though you gave us lowland wars)
  14. Just for a bit of customisation for clans with "themes" or existing role names.
  16. What happens if you leave clan?
    Do u have to pay again when u return?
  17. Like the roles, limits suck and so does having to buy slots. This will kill small clans and caters only to LB players and top 100 clans.

    Average new clan running starter EBs for new players will not be able to afford admins. Clan will wither and more dead clans. LB clans asking for 80m CS stats won't take new players which with further erode new player base.

    Years of good input from Kaw players turned into crap!
  18. Idea

    Could just let people make their own groups and stuff or do you not have big enough databases for that?