Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

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  1. how about a donation pot for each member to donate any amount they desire that can go towards position unlocks and whatever else the clan needs I.e strip funds, and the owner/head admin have the ability to deliver funds to individual members from the donation pot..
  2. Agreed
  3. The roles are all... manly  You need to add wench to that list 
  4. is ALL of what u posted set in stone??? can u make a few serious adjustments ?
  5. Yeah how about No..
  6. @kaw_community, does clan owner pay for the full expense, or can there be a way of sharing this cost between members?
  7. @kaw_admin or @kaw_community why did you or your team choose the name Peasant? Peasants are workers that gather resources for a troop/base and they aren't skilled in battle. Why not replace the name with Infantryman or Grunt? Maybe Soldier instead? One of those 3 names sounds a lot more better than Peasant.
  8. I think this is really stupid and dumb. Just delete this brain fart before you do it devs. Don't do this its dumb and lame and stupid.
  9. If you are going to continue with this dumb idea Ild suggest changing peasant to commoner. Not like I care I want no part of this.
  10. Anyone with the ability to Manage Clan Roles can pay to unlock extra slots. So it's not only on the Warlord (Owner)
  11. peasants 
  12. this is the most stupit new thing ever seen. did look 1 sec to it, oh sh!t not did. and you have to pay for it.

    why fix things if its not broken.
  13. 26 people are able to accept applications and 14 are able to kick members. Most of the time when making space it is done in batches regardless, I don't see much of a problem?
  14. so now we to pay to make someone a Edmond or a war chief why is the purpose in this
  15. Where is the ability to tag members??? 
  16.  I dont think it should cost is gold to unlock a feature like this in our clans, owner, SubOwner to make admins and thats it simple has that... I dont get why you guys making it so difficult, there arent that Many NEW active people on this game, this feature should be given for free.... That is my point of view , Thank you and hope this game survives another 5 years more ! Kawaddiction
  17. Stupidest F'in thing I've ever seen you non-peasants come up with.Clans have ran themselves for years without your micromanagement and those who have "asked" you for these changes obviously shouldn't be running a clan..Totally preposterous.it's ludicris & absurd.
  18. Hmm when the brothers and sisters come and go i just need to remember who to reassigned to which position. Alas this will test the ole memory banks. Lmfao
  19. Add members !