Upcoming Feature: Clan Roles!

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  1. Is the warlord position still able to be transferred to others as clan owner is now?
  2. its all bs u just want to make mo money from us and we all no it
  3. @ kaw admin.... Just curious why the change to purchasing these new roles when previously they are free? Why make us sink gold into buying roles for a clan that we currently get for free? And why not a clan bank for all can contribute to the clan roles... Seems fair... Thanks
  4. Dumbest idea EVER
  5. Not even a gold sink tbh, 1T is nothing for BC players. 10T is the new 1T in terms of kaw value I believe
  6. Combine kicking with managing clan apps. Please. We're always at 100 members. Need more than 4 people to do both. I want to sleep 
  7. Support devs and support for the cost too... It's a small gold sink for clans that want more privileges. However I might be offended that you consider me a peasant.
  8. Best update in a very long time!!
  9. Can we have a list customisable only by the owners, which dictate who returns to clan automatically and the minimum rank/role a person can return as? This would really ease the job for the owner if his/her clans has a lot of people warring or has a lot of sub-clans the admins are running around clans.
  10. Wow peasants one step ahead of slaves.
  11. So the person wanting the position cannot pay for it, the people in positions have to pay for someone to be in a position? ?? You would need a fund transfer or clan bank system for that.

    Another problem will be (when this starts) no freaking admins or not enough to keep the clan running smoothly for crying out loud. You guys are going to kill kaw... hope you enjoyed your glory years of lining your pockets. All over now!
  12. Will admins still have same control of what we've had or this taken over cause if so its crappy
  13. Yes, they will have the option!
  14. I actually think paying for what you can already manage by being a good leader and having great admins is a waste and asking people to pay for it when they already have paid for a clan is wrong. When clans were originally set up the price was extremely prohibitive ( it isn't now but that's developers fault they should have increased price of clans with inflation) so they shouldn't have to pay for owner and admin spots other spots if they want should be at a cost. So in essence no I would have preferred them to fix messages on pc or the ee wars. And I think a derogative title like peasant should be altered to something more appropriate there are thousands of words for training soldiers.
  15. I see a Lot of hurt feelings in the near future.
  16. Just stupid will destroy small clans without the extra gold needed to "open" slots will put all the stress of starting ebs on 3-4 people unless you pay for extra slots great way to destroy small clans great job devs smh #ridiculous
  17. How "infantrymen" wasn't the first thing that came to mind instead of peasants is alarming
  18. Thanks chaos.

    I like this update, it's a great idea and I love the structure other than the peasant thing, I agree it's pretty demeaning.

    But I would maybe suggest that the top 4 positions can have the ability to reverse a cc mute. I can see that particular power being abused a lot..
  19. agree! this issue needs to be reviewed please devs