Upcoming Epic Battles and Tier 5 Buildings

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  1. Lol only the noobs are excited Ive been hlbc and this is stupid.
  2. Good lord, you just ruined this for me. ACHIEVEMENT BONUSES DAMMIT!
  3. Hey Guys, I know the cost of the new buildings
    Lvl 1- 5 crystals
    Lvl2- 10 crystals
    Lvl 3- one plane ticket to Tahiti for a dev
  4. The damn Devs are Ruining the game even more for people below my size
  5. This is only to make old players more powerful. Small guys, new players will never catch up. At least, drop the highland prices.
  6. I'm actually happy, eventhough I'm not BC lol.

    More ******* eb's though lol. My stripping will have to wait!

    Devs even forgot achievement bonuses again....
  7. Oh damn...I didn't see T5 coming out so soon.

  8. This is just to cause more imbalance. I have been wasting tens to hundred bills to upgrade for a decent stats n this T5 will make my effort back to 0. Dont even have 50lands yet.
  9. NOOOOOO i HATE t5
  10. ****
    Did I mention ****!!!!
  11. I wanna see special effects on these buildings like when I attack my opponent their regen time increased

    For spies special effect should be pot stealing
  12. Killing in the game of..

  13. February devs: T5 is not even being considered for the foreseeable future.

    July devs: T5 about to come out?

  14. Clearly, as achievement bonuses won't get the devs more money, we won't be getting those any time soon.

    Also, way to increase the gap between big and small players...

    Overall, a crap update  keep up the hard work devs!
  15. Most of the LB BFA amounts to lands and lands of T5. This? This just puts more on in troop form. The imbalance was already enough before, this doesn't help much.

    Not to meant the fact Devs haven't done anything useful for beginners really.
  16. That implies common sense in the world toast
  17. What I wanna know is if T5 includes more spy buildings...

    What do I care, I'm not even T4 yet... Not by a long shot! :lol:
  18. I hope by more EB you mean just to end the New series...

    T5 Very interesting :) Would like to see what the Lb will look like
  19. Yet another shining example of how the KaW devs are only interested in the rich getting richer. What's next? Making mith a form of currency? I'd love to say well done devs but instead I'm saying shame on you
  20. The moment I thought clan can finally come united, we get this one announced. For me it is negative news. I would prefer eb that returns hits and calls for something more than mindless button pushing. Where is strategy in the game. I have failed to notice any. Just sayin