Unused Crest Plates

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  1. We need something to do with our unused plates, many players have tens of thousands of plates just sitting in their inventory not being used.
    They could be:
    Turned into gold
    Turned into other typed of crest plates
    Turned into aqua/inferno
  2. They can be turned into gold, tear down buildings and rebuild.

  3. You tear buildings down
    And change build ...
  4. Be cool to be able to have an exchange rate of sorts for smaller plates to larger.
    Example 500 hl plates converts to 150 osman rai plates. Or something along those lines same basic idea as converting xstals to aqua.
  5. Just tear down building and rebuild them for free gold. That or save them for a build change if you get bored
  6. Hold on to them for when you need them? I changed my entire build to towered hybrid for ASW then converted back to carefree eb build afterwards. Gave me a good chunk to buy allies with before and after war and still went back to a max rewards build while spending no real gold. I’d suggest anyone who has that many change you build up a bit, try a different play style if you don’t like it you can always change back and you make money in the process.
  7. I like this idea alot, especially now that you cant tear down buildings while in clan that a eb has been started or running, being able to convert crestplates to higher level crestplates would be very useful, of course a exchange rate based on value of crestplates exchanging.
  8. support
  9. Yup I already had a thread about this idea. Stacy added no support ....what’s the change now eh?
  10. You left out the fact that I was "Just Kidding", when I said "No Support" Domo, as you can read from my post above off your thread on the matter! I actually didnot support or not support your idea, just informed you that osmon rai crestplates were dropped from legend mini events already as you didnt seem to realize it at the time!

    Which btw, one thing, a big thing thats changed imo is the fact you can no longer tear down buildings while eb is started or running, as I stated, which makes converting crest plates to gold alot more difficult, when such small window to tear down buildings now!
  11. Yes Stacy I already knew both facts you threw out which has nothing to do with what you don’t support. Stacy says “btw blah blah blah blah.” If you insist on loading up on useless information you should start another thread for noobs.

    What to do with them especially when you are already beyond using them. I think there are like three people here that cared enough to dismantle buildings to use the crests for the small amount of gold. The same three people only cared about the dismantling during ebs. I’m not one of them.

    So the question is ......will the devs consider letting us trade them ?
  12. The three on this thread merely pointed out that there is a way to transform them into gold, if you didn’t care enough to notice or read please keep us three out of your speech which , in my humble opinion, has a hint of superiority in it. Thank you
    PS: support to trading them, if we can trade static stats why shouldn’t we be able to trade regular stats. Probably with a certain cap.
  13. Support
  14. I support trading them for other crestplates needed. You can turn them in to gold by tearing down your buildings and rebuilding with said plates. There's a guide for how many plates are needed per building. I don't however agree with gifting or selling them for "nobs" too much exploitation as it is without adding more to the pile.

    Side Note: So many low plates are given to help the new ppl that come in or alts that are made, and for those that constantly adapt their build for llwar.
  15. Agree Rose!! :)