Unused Brave the Elements Tokens

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, May 18, 2016.

  1. Ssshhh, they only resond to €150,- users
  2. I am those users, never get responses lol.
  3. I simply hope they didn't receive double (triple?) SB rewards
  4. they havent, at least a friend of mine hasnt
  5. Still no rewards yet wonder if anyone got, the so called rewards they promised us❓❓❓
  8. Where are the rewards that were posted on my wall on 18/05/16 for 478 unused tokens?
  9. - Supports message to me -

    Mike replied:
    Hi Tom,

    Our logs show that you weren't able to collect your Gift of Aqua before the new event began.

    350 Silver Bar
    1 Health Crystals
    350 Aqua
    1 Prolific Plunderer - 5%

    Don't worry, anyone who wasn't able to collect their rewards will have them added to their inventory over the next day or two.

    Thanks for writing to us and hope you enjoyed the event!


    So chill guys, we should have them placed in our inventory by today or tomorrow.
  10. 4 days and still counting since this promise was made ata???
  11. I didnt get any silver bars!
  12. I would suggest that you email the devs at support@athinkingape.com, as it's not guaranteed they'll see this post! :)
  13. Bit late dude
  14. I have about 400-500 unused tokens can I redeem them? I need more inferno.
  15. So is that a yes or a no for the inferno thing?
  16. You realise this event ended nearly a month ago right?