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  1. Yes. I don't even have 1000 feathers but I most definitely deserve a banner.


    See? Three ! Indicates how terribly upset I am.

  2. you made this thread, so you must take responsibility for it. Just because everyone disagrees with you doesn't Warrant access to my moosey trash bin.
  3. The Developers created this game and built it upon competition. So it is only in their nature to provide the most to those that get the furthest. All you can do is try better next time.

  4. Ya gotta pay to play...
  5. ^ wrong. I hit 90k yesterday without spending a single penny. Just takes activity
  6. I do have to say thanks to the devs on this one. I actually am going to win seals on my alts this time. :)

    No money used on alts just takes activity guys. The banners are not easy to get but not inpossible.
  7. Impossible*
  8. Banners are a reward for thoes who worked really hard to get up that high it wouldn't be special if everyone got them stop whining and work harder next time
  9. Banners are a reward for thoes who worked really hard to get up that high it wouldn't be special if everyone got them stop whining and work harder next time
  10. I'm nearly at 50k if I want the banner is buy a seal, go to a b2b HtE clan and make 10k a day getting up to 90k so harden up, and hunt smarter op
  11. I just hit 60k from 16k over the past week. Not that hard.
  12. In 2 days I got the 8k lol
  13. This thread literally made me pukd and yes I mean literally. I have worked non stop in the last 5 days to get my 70k banner. Now you aspect to get a banner for a mediocre job? That is laziness at its finest. Here's the best tip I can give you want a banner really bad? Two options join a reckoning clan or spend 6$ and join a HTE clan. Lose a couple of hours of sleep and earn it!
  14. I made 90k in less than a week, stop the cry threads sigh.
  15. Gained 30k feathers in under 48 hours, this thread is a joke its easy if your actually ACTIVE. Dont cry because your not, no support
  16. I pray to god that English is op's second language. Oh ya, almost forgot. No support.
  17. Pretty soon you all will realize the equip isn't worth it :p just like how my badass sword sucks from moth promo I just have it on cause it looks cool lol
  18. Would it be fair if everyone won an/a; Oscar, Grammy, World Cup, Championship Ring, Estoc Edge… ? See where I'm getting at?

    Your idea of fair… well it needs to change. If this is your idea how do you expect to get where you want to in life? NOTHING is handed to you in life, it all comes from hard work. You saw those feather req for the banner when you started your hunt. Have you sat down and calculated how many ebs you need to hit per day? I'm @7 hte a day to get where I want by the end.

    Earn your keep.
  19. Hey devs since you obviously going to let everyone have banner now (just joking with ya) I had 15k before the promotion of making the great even great was around then after that I got 90k last Monday since I did that so much could I have a teir 6 banner and a lvl 20 boots and hats??? Very thankful that you will consider this... The jokes are real
  20. No support your all getting equipment as well dont complain you still have 5 days to make it.