Unenchant Equip (Inferno/Aqua Refund)

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Brock, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,

    With new events almost all pieces of equip that used to be good and costed us a bunch of inferno,aqua or mith to enchant became obsolete.

    So my idea here is to be able to get an Inferno/Aqua refund. (Guess someone had this idea in the past)

    I don't know if there's anyway to exploit, maybe allowing to unenchant only certain equips and lock other equip like mith equip, banners and relics.

    Also since you'll only get a small portion of what it costed in total it won't be that great but still will help because I believe I'm not the only one with a bunch of old equip maxed with terrible stats because of events.

    Example of the refund I'm talking about:
    If it costed in total 100 inferno/100 aqua to enchant the equip you'll get 33 inferno and 33 aqua back (1/3 of original amount).

    Also the refund will only be able to get from equips in last level to make it fair and equips that costed your actual Inferno/Aqua (This to avoid people unenchanting equip they got maxed from events) ..

    Example: Lets suppose "Player 1" Gets the equip from lvl 5 (event)... they need to max it to lvl 10 to enchant it but will only get as refund the inferno/aqua they successfully used from lvl 5 -> 10, would be easy to add this if devs add a option to see the total Inferno/Aqua spent on this equip.
  2. no support, it's your decision to enchant something, if you could unenchant it, there would be no drawback anymore.
  3. Agreed, I'm sitting with hundreds of Aqua and inferno just waiting for the right equips to drop. It's not hard to just wait :/
  4. I support just very unrealistic. Has been asked for so many times don't believe this is an exception. I wish tho.
  5. Is this about recycling elements? If so, I support that for the billionth time.. If not, then no support..

  6. I would break down old equip for scrap like let's say bronze bars for weaker equip and maybe silver bars for the stronger ones. But that's gonna lead to another problem, inflation.
  7. As if inflation wasn't already a problem 
  8. I have over 3k of both aqua and inferno... And on my alt I don't need to enchant I get 3k each of these events and my equip comes enchanted.
    It's way better than it was during the farmer saga.
  9. I think this should be only for mith equips, every mith equip not from S5 is useless and so is some of S5's
  10. We would be waiting forever because devs would always progressively make equip better than before, plus now in ll wars some clans request you to max level your equip.
  11. Like some people already said, people have way too much Inferno and Aqua anyways. You get Aqua and Inferno in events (which aren't that rare anymore) and you sometimes already get the equip at +10. If you have a problem with Inferno and Aqua, you shouldn't be too wasteful on them anyways. If you could get a refund, there would be no progression/learning curve anymore because you could always just undo your mistake. Even if, you should only get 10% back of the Aqua and Inferno spent, it's the same with buildings, you can't just build something and then undo it.