Umbra Lumen

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  1. Umbra Lumen

    For years the children of the poor have been vanishing. In the middle of the night a few are swept away here and there from their cots and nests. Most of the parents of said children were not angry but felt as if they had been blessed and a weight had been lifted from their shoulders, others did not notice at all. This had become a known occurrence among the poor beggar community and was only spoken about behind closed doors away from the common and higher-class civilians. Over the years, at bedtime, parents would tell their children of a mystical beast that would take them away from this hell and give them a better life, not knowing the truth about what happens to them. They began to starve and neglect their children on purpose in hopes that they would be taken away but they were sadly mistaken. Children stopped disappearing and began to starve to death, this was looked upon as a punishment of the parents who attempted to manipulate the acts of the unknown force. In reality, they had collected enough children.


    My eyes opened lazily and I blinked a few times to clear my vision. It was dark and the dampness of the floor soaked through my night gown. I could not see through the pitch black area around me and I heard crying. Reaching my hands out in search of anything my fingers tangled in long thin hair. The owner of the hair did not move but shuddered at the coldness of my hands. I moved closer to the being and fell back asleep against them.
    Awakened by sudden movement around me and bright light I could finally see where I was.

    “Up and at-em little ones it’s time to go”, said a voice that sounded like a wind chime.

    Standing in the doorway was a woman, a woman with snow white skin that seemed to radiate white light from inside of her. Others around me started to stand up and I did so as well. The woman ushered us out of what appeared to be a wooden warehouse with a dirt floor. Walking by her I got a closer look. Blue snowflakes sat across the bridge of her nose and cheeks like freckles, they appeared to be in her skin and not on. The air around her was freezing cold and her eyes were white, completely white, pupiless. They had to be the most pure shade of white I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but stare as someone pushed me forward from behind. Following the group of kids who looked around my age we entered what seemed to be a capitol building. I had never seen one before but my father had old photos of the capitol in our city, I never dared to scrounge that far from home.

    A wide round man stood before us in the clean entryway of the capitol building. He was well dressed and smiled big but had dark circles around his eyes.

    “Children. Welcome to La’Kastai, your new home”, he said boastfully.

    “You will be clothed, fed, and housed in exchange for your services, you will be servants to our kind”, his eyes swept over us as he spoke, judging, analyzing.
    “Some of you will be maids and others will be groomed for military command along with many roles in between. You are welcome to leave now if you would rather go back to starving on the streets with your parents who don’t even know you’re gone”, he said and I could hear a boy sob from deeper in the small crowd. Girls a bit older than me, maybe seventeen or eighteen, brought in silver platters piled high with warm food and stood before us. My stomach growled and my mouth began to water as I took a step forward towards the food and others did the same. I could see the smile on the round man grow out of the corner of my eye.

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    This is a very nice writing princess 

    I can certainly feel the glimpse of dark and light dualities in both the scenery and characters as well as in their hearts and minds..
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    The damn Institute is back at it again.
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    Don't be mean smh ^
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    The what
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    And thank you Ashes :)
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    Teach me to be a good writer
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    I'm not being mean. I was making a Fallout reference.
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    It is quite good.
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