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  1. Talented in what way? USA has better producers and lyricists. I'm not trying to insult the U.K. Rap community but the states just have better artists.
  2. Is op for real or a troll....."rap ( grime)" that's reta rded.....and a thread to tell about an upcoming thread .wow .......double ret arded
  3. I Guess your not a #$BigBaller -Lavar aka To Wash Ball
  4. "I told that b give me head, ocho cinco"

    "All my chicks come in pairs like balls on my nutsack"

    "Woke up sleeping giant"

    "Im the one to hit the same spot"

    "...ya i shoulda just boned ya fantasy on my phone..."

    Any thing Lil Uzi Vert (Lucifer if said fast) says

    Lots of originality there lol.

    Not flaming you chubs. Mainstream rap just has the same tone though-out.

    Rappers are true lyricists if they can rap without swears or degrading women or others.
  5. I've been triple B's bruh always been a big baller :)
  6. 67 - jackets
  7. Morrison - crowbar in my bag