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  1. What were your thoughts on the entirety of the UFC 229 matches?
    Which matches caught your eye?
  2. What's important is that the OG culture vulture ahemm....Drizzy Drake
    Was out there peeping everyone's accents so he could use them on his next album 
  3. Ferguson and Pettis was the best fight, good contest.

    Most surprising result was Derrick Lewis, it looked like he was losing to decision for sure but managed to clutch up.

    Conor, Khabib was alright, pretty expected, it was obvious Khabib would just grapple him and Conor sucks at grappling, what was surprising is that Khabib seemed to be getting the better of him standing as well, even knocking Conor down.
  4. ooooooOooOoof
  5. At first I was like this dude is crazy for jumping out of the cage and causing a riot ...then I went and looked into all the junk mcgregor talked about this dude and his family and religion

    I now side with the guy who’s name I’m not even going to try to spell...mcgregor is a chump
  6. Lewis needs to lay down and work on his cardio, according to his black ass.