UEFA Champions League

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  1. If you've seen it before you'll know what im talking about!
  2. Today and tomorrow are the opening of the group stages! Can't wiat
  3. That's not physics defying. That's proof of Bernoulli's Law.
  4. What is uefa? Underwear Eating, Farting Alliance ?
  5. Arsenal win im calling it now <3
  6. Manchester United will win today. Go Red devils
  7. BARÇAAAAAA ️️
  8. I can see the Dynamos and Lyon pulling upsets in group G and H.. The rest will be standard fare .. Then the fun starts!..

    Here's a few awesome things about soccer and Europe that will just be hilarious/entertaining/intriguing if they were brought across the pond..

    1- Relegation!: OMG.. Can you imagine!?.. "The Chicago Cubs have been relegated to AAA!".. Or "The Maple Leafs have been relegated to QMJHL!" this needs to happen

    2- FA Cup format.. Imagine if you had a casual flag football team with you local neighbourhood guys... AND you get a chance to take on The Patriots (and *gasp* even win)!!??.. This makes March Madness Cinderella look like Snow White

  9. You mean in American sports you can lose an lose and lose and don't get relegated?

    So you fail an fail and fail and don't get punishment? 

    The FA cup is pretty much the best tournement in the world IMO
  10. Lmfao man utd and man city lost hahahaha
  11. Those were both shockers to me tbh, the two are playing phenomenal in bpl. Honestly chelsea needs to win tomorrow, I believe mou can still turn things around
  12. Come on you hammers
  13. Another day of football!
  14. I'm with u there grizz lol #yeoviltowntowin
  15. Btw what Chelsea's champ league fixture tonight?
  16. Home against Maccabi Tel-Aviv
  17. Oh wait... How did the mighty arsenal go against Olympiakos at home?
  18. I wonder how all English teams did , maybe they will all go out at the group stages lol