Types of LL War Builds

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  3. No turtles in llwars? That's just racist...
  4. Hybs:12coe 2adt 4sos 6sdt/12coe 3adt 4sos 5sdt/16coe 6sos 2sdt/15coe 1adt 5sos 3sdt tanks:16coe 3adt 1sos 4sdt/17sos 2adt 1sos 4sdt
  5. I have used several tank, hyb and hansel builds in last few months and would like to say which ones i liked the most.

    Hansel - 1 coe/tl,23 sos

    Hyb - 15 coe,5 sos,4 sdt

    Attk Tank - 18 coe,1 sos,5 sdt
  6. 12/1/4/7 hybrid to tell the difference between a tank and a hybrid it is in the number of SOS building. It is ratio 4 or more in low lands renders it hybrid. If spy buildings (excluding towers) add up to more than 25% of attack buildings you are hybrid any less you are tank.