Types of LL War Builds

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  1. 18 coe 3 CF 1 SOS 3 sdt 2 adt
  2. You'll be left alone all war while your team is plundered.
  3. A castle build

    1 castle
  4. 13/1/5/5 hyb
  5. Support
  6. All towers
  7. 13 Coe and 11 SOS is probably worst hyb ever. Lol. Please remove it.
  8. Bumping this :smile:
  9. Best ll build...

    Pure towers :)
  10. 12 coe 8 sdt 1adt 3 sos
    seem's to work ok as ae hybrid you do have to war hard tho and stay high % build not for the faint hearted as your spamming all war
  11. i think you mean 12/1/4/7 (COE/ADT/SOS/SDT)
  12. 16/0/8/0 is a build some clan is running, they're doing pretty good with it.
  13. No towers? Really?
  14. plunderdive and sko build. countered by a good team getting repins tho
  15. Yeah seems a bit too confident to me...
    Oh well, sure it works for some.
  16. 17 COE, 2 Adt, 4 sdt and 1 sos- Tank

    And if you're a newer to tanking in LL but don't wanna mess up you can try a little more towered with

    15 Coe, 3 adt, 5 sdt and 1 sos.

    Both builds have worked great for me.
  17. I've just completed my lowlands with:

    6x CoE, 8x CF, 4x ADT, 2x SoS, 4x SDT

    Looking to try it out on some lowland wars. Any thoughts?
  18. Have not tried LL wars but plan to soon. Very exp w/ EE & going to run this build to see how it goes:

    Hybrid Tank (who can plunder)
    10 TL (hybrid generally plunder hansels/ps1 so benefit well from the extra plunder and defense vs tank/atk builds)
    1 CoE lvl 2 (to get the 27 total atks per unload)
    4 SOS (to obtain hybrid mechs)
    8 SDT (about half of a Hansel/ps1's spy atk)
    1 ADT (just for a little static def from pin)

    Build should be able to tank high (80-90%) and/or make good plunder off of Hansel/ps1 If/when needed. Will see lol.
  19. Your last pure so build isn't pure spy... It has a troop building. Also tank should only be 1 sos, just saying. 