Types of Forumers

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  1. Types of Forumers

    The Mod. Occasionnally shows up on forum to put a stop to a tangled thread just when it becomes real fun...

    The Lurker. Loggs in to check forums for news and to giggle, but rearly speaks.

    The Undecisive Quitter. Makes a thread that he quits (ppl usually don't even know who that is). Then comes back and makes a thread that he is back, then retires with a thread, then welcomes himself back...


    The Grave Digger. Goes into forum history to dig out years old thread and bumps them. Also called necrobumper.

    The De-baitor. Makes "de-baiting" threads and posts to promote lighthearted discussion. Usually is in unofficial relationship with the hijacker.

    The Hijacker. Takes over threads to turn them to a totally different direction. That's when the thread becomes fun.

    The Drama Llama. A person who thinks he/she is always right. Prone to stir up drama and posting page long comments that are TL;DR.


    And of course there is the always perfect Lili.

  2. You put in a lot of effort to put yourself on that pedestal.

    Usually others are supposed to do a fair bit of the lifting, but hey, to each their own.

    You missed out a couple of types however.
  3. I'm a master debater.
  4. Hi I am back from retiring
  5. Kinky...
  6. For some reason, mods who were very active in the forum before getting promoted suddenly fall off the face of the forum map, except the occasional lock and stray comment.

    Moose is the only mod who was really loyal to forum and stayed super active here, even after he got promoted.
  7. What can I say?

    I'm skilled with my lips and tongue.
  8. What am I?

    Don't answer that.
  9. U are almost Lili.
  10. Nah. Zeth is just a pain in the rear
  11. The Cyn

    KaW Overlord and Master of All Things Pretty Good
  12. I'd say ur the drama lama and a wannabe mod mixed, but that's just the lurker in me always lookin at ur derail primed anger fest posts. Lol
  13. ROODolf
  14. Sometimes the truth hurts... :(
  15. And then theres the KAW forumer who says they'll post RL ass pics and then never do

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

  16. You forgot the roni, the worst kind of forumer
  17. Oh god my eyes!

    Damn, just no.
  18. [​IMG]

    My bad Boba ...im sowwy :(