TVP Farmers Fix

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  1. @miss....that's what i am saying lol losing 50% isn't enough of a loss, that's what I'm saying.
  2. Why worry about things that don't affect you?
    I war to win every time so this doesn't effect me. But why do ppl care about this ? It doesn't hurt you.
  3. I hope devs put time and effort on making/keeping match-ups good. Not concerning themselves with ppl trying to get mith
  4. The devs said that they are looking into ways to make losing EE wars more damaging. Given KaW's timeline, it will take some weeks before we see something implemented.

  5. But your way is even less of a loss. You aren't making ANY sense.
  6. I'm one of those tvp lads. Only mithril I got from doin things like that. But still. It is a cheat.
  7. Why do u bother with TVP people? Jelly of
    people getting free stuff? Or isit the losing war Rage that kicks in?
  8. No support, war should have risks, losing should get you nothing
  9. To be clear, nothing means that the mith used to cast at the beginning of war should not be refunded in any way
  10. Demon don't post on my thread(s) again if your input is 3 pictures of thumbs.
  11. Losers get nothing has proven to tank war participation.

    Might be what you think is fair, but at end of day you will far fewer clans warring.

    Of the things wrong with war system TVP farming is at the bottom of my list.

    I would like to see:
    (1) more variability in roster size
    (2) different times on different days
    (3) less lag and/or ways to identify lag issues for users

    Otherwise, why bother to change my build for something that I can't really pArticipate in conveniently that's always the same?

    I liked it better when Merced could crash the party lol...
  12. *mercs*. Lol

    When did mercs come to mean help on EB?

    Funny how game changes over time.
  13. So those that game.the system or explot the holes but Win wars are smart

    but attempt the same explots and lose the war you suck and.get nothing?

    get a life dude play the game and.stop worring about what others are doing.
  14. No support

    lol I could already find my way around your system not that I'm a mith farmer but common sense.

    Need more details as to what happens with no match clans? Also what about no match farmers? I see it happen once in a while

    Oh and what if the tvp farmers are the middle clans that get **** by the clans with 1-3 lbs and the rest sos lvl 1 Hansel or gh.

    If you so much noticed this farming of tvp, havent you noticed the **** up war system? So why not just let the tvp farmers have it, is not like you got something to lose or do you?

    Have you noticed the naked farmers? (War without equipment) who will more then likely get an easy match up?

    What about the bfa clans [hardly seen] (have gold out and hire allies after match up (I do it when ever I can))

    The stripper clans (buy allies of opponents right before war starts) you see where I am going. This new war system is all **** up, the one before it was all **** up and guess what the next war system will be **** up also.

  15. No support
  16. Look at me I'm not built for war but want the mrthrill but I still hit but it's hard to win and I use mour than I make