Turn off joined/left clan messages

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Dukefield, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Is anybody else fed up with waking up to message box full of who’s joined and left your clan while you were sleeping? Then you find 3 allies were bought overnight and you don’t know where they are because all the in/out messages have pushed these notifications out of your message box! Devs said if enough ask they’ll think about a change. Any thoughts?
  2. I don’t find it to be a huge issue, but I guess something like only displaying joined/left messages in the “clan” tab of notifications could be done. That way people would still be able to check them if needed, but they wouldn’t count towards the 50 notification limit of other, possibly more important, notifications.
  3. No thats how i know who enters my clan. The clan nf are very important to admins.

    Ss allies or say hi in ally chat put an @and there name. Perm link. If they are hard to spell buy easier named allies.

    In reality tho if you lose allies in a strip not even clan nf will show so removing it will not change anything for the better.
  4. That’s why I was suggesting making it a turn/off option. Just nice to have the choice
  5. Joining and left notifications are very important helps keep track if space is available or if people want in yo join eb
  6. Support. I like having the join/leave notifications, just wish they werent in “All”. But I guess it wouldn’t be ALL if some were missing haha. Oh well, can’t win em all.
  7. Well.... If you go into the news feed and click on that tab that says allies, you will see when hired and by whom.
  8. Remember when you got a notice when someone joined the eb?
  9. Simplest solution. If you don't want the notifications. Ask to not be admin anymore. Those notifications are kinda part of your job as admin in clan.
  10. Oh dear god that was annoying