Trying to think of a war clan name

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  1. Im trying to think of names for a war clan I'm making for season 5, and I'm opening it up to the forums for suggestions.

    Right now i have

    Give Me the HOT SAUCE

    but I'm terrible at making names so long as the name is good ill leave a shout out if i use your name for my clan in the bottom of the clan info FOREVER

    thats right

    FOREVER. yeah

    that could be YOU.

    so get suggest-ing

    Thanks, DotNet
  2. 0 posts so far jeez

  3. Not feelin that one. But it seems they way we describe where we live is very similar lol
  4. The Naughty Toe Ticklers
  5. "You Will Lose This War"
  6. Id say this is better than the other 2 haha
  7. Yes. Call it Pie
  8. Relentless Inc (Don't forget the capital r and i :))
  9. Can't Stop Us Now

    (Clan tag would be CSUN)
  10. Inglorious Marauders
  11. The Remorseless

    The Unforgiving

    The Merciless

    The Cycle of Victory

    Nyx Knights (Nyx is goddess of Night)

    WON (Worshippers of Nike) >>Nike is goddess of Victory<<

    WOA (Warriors of Ares) >>Ares is god of war<<

    WLD (World's last defenders)

    WWSOG (We will stand Our Ground)

    Victor's Village (From the Hunger Games)

    STFUAW (Shut the ____ up and win) :lol:

    LolAYF (Lol at your fails)

    Bloody Murder :?

    Bloody Swords

    Soulless Warriors


    PJIA (Percy Jackson is awesome) ;)

    FTW (Feel the Wrath)

    LIO (Light in Oblivion) >>Named after my book ;) <<

    WOS5 (Warriors of season 5)

    RTBYA (Read to beat your ass) :lol:

    SDC (scouts don't count) :lol:

    WIS (War is us)

    KawingYA (Kawing your ass)

    Ghost town of the Wicked (Don't know, just sounded cool :lol:)

    This is where you die (TIWYD)

    Eternal Inferno :D

    Massacre Countdown

    VIU (Victory is us)

    Skyward Sword (From Legend of Zelda)

    Twilight Warriors

    Plunder Mafia :?

    YWL (You Will Lose)

    Link Between Worlds (From Legend Of Zelda)

    Hyrule Warriors (Legend of Zelda)

    SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

    Spirit Tracks (Legend of Zelda) :?:

    ROR (Republic of Rome)

    Rome's Rising

    Olympian Victors


    Pendulum's Bomb (Kinda like 'Ticking bomb')

    YWN (Your worst nightmare)

    RAS (Relentless and soulless)

    Abiding Hatred :lol:

    RFT (Ready for this?) :?

    Try mixing some of the ones I mentioned up :D goodluck

    All Gods or Goddesses I mentioned are from Greek Mythology.
  12. How about "War Clan" its simple yet elegant and directly to the point and intentions
  13. Malevolent Cutthroats
    Dauntless Raiders
  14. Music makes us lose control

    During the war have an out of clan member singing a song on their top plunderer
  15. ^their top plunderers wall

  16. Fixed it lol
  17. Dotnet I didn't even know u came back I wonder if there will be another cwar