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  1. You wanted truth, right?
    Truth of what I thought about you?
    Truth as to why I love you?
    Truth of what really makes me truly happy around you?
    Truth, about why? About why I never said what I felt.

    Take a look around, and what do you see?
    Take a look around, is it happiness?
    Take a look around, but you don't see it, right?
    Take a look around, happiness no longer exists here.

    Happiness is replaced with robotic bustling.
    Happiness is masked by sadness.
    Happiness is hidden.
    Happiness is gone...

    Replaced with hatred.
    Replaced with anger.
    Replaced with fear.
    Replaced with suffering.
    Replaced with emptiness.
    Replaced with pain.
    Replaced with...death.

    The truth is....I never could say how I felt because I am afraid....afraid that the honesty could have created a rift, and make us spiral out. Spiral out past time and space, past everything we knew, learned, and enjoyed. I feared that if I spoke the truth, I would have never gotten to know you.
  2. Some people's kids......
  3. Couldnt you have just made one thread so I didnt read this stuff twice
  4. I could not, since these two are completely different poems, thus meaning that this poem would derail the other poem.