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  1. ✦╒═╕╯╮╭╰✧╔═╕╯╮╭╰╮✦
    ✩ Our Goal is Honesty ✦ Our Code is Honor ✦ Our Search is Truth ✩

    ¿ ωнαт αяє ωє ?

    We are seekers. In a world owned by halftruths and misinformation, We will strip away that which would keep the world blind. We are the vigilantes for the oppressed, for those who have fallen victim to Lie's cruel nature.

    We will find the Truth ~ We cannot be stopped

    We Are Neutral. The more Honest you are with the Seekers, the more Accurately we can Seek

    ~ When and Why to contact us ~

    Info gathered is for the protection from Lies, Misinformation and/or Slander ONLY

    ➥ If you have been accused of any circumstance you are not guilty of

    ➥ If you would like to know the Truth of potentially damaging or even dangerous Rumors

    ➥ If you are fed up with "hearsay", bring us your claim


    No claims will be accepted with the intent to uncover Information for the sole purpose of Harming Others!! To request such will get your Claim Dropped or Nullified immediately, and you will thereby be Blocked!

    ~ Contact ~

    •Clan ~ Traitor Within ¡!Read CP!¡

    **IMPORTANT** There are two methods to reach us- 1) Post wall per CP's instructions (Fastest method) ~ However if you do not wish to be seen on the wall 2) Follow InAction (Slower).

    ~ Procedure ~

    °• A Seeker will contact you, the issue will be discussed. Only provide information pertinent to your Claim. Terms will then be given, should we accept. If Terms are then agreed upon, We will proceed with the hunt.

    °• We ask for your Full patience and cooperation to allow us to find what you want known as efficiently as possible.


    ❦Thank You❣
    ~ o°o

    ✩ Our Goal is Honesty ✦ Our Code is Honor ✦ Our Search is Truth ✩
  2. Hmmmm……seems legit :lol:
  3. i would like to enlist .i love being a detective / sleuth !
  4. The first picture is Watson I don't think you are Watson
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: best comment ever
  6. What happened to my credit card? My ex said she threw it away, but I keep getting huge bills and emails that say "purchase confirmed."
  7. e e!! A mystery! Do you have a dog? Or even more suspicious... a Cat???
  8. Somebody say suptis2?
  9. No support, just fission and his naked alts
  10. Nay Grave. Why would this organization designed for anonymity give away all who wish to be involved? <~~ that would serve no beneficial purpose.

    ALSO! **Recruitment is OPEN** Follow InAction.

    Reqs- Ability to handle sensitive info with great care. Must be able to set bias aside for given tasks that may involve past conflicts <~~ This is a MUST. Our Code is Honor. We are here to Help people against misinformation, not hurt them.

    Any may apply. Your acceptance will be based on your interview.

    Thank You
  11. Lol, a habitual liar made a clan and thread about finding the "truth"? You should rename yourself a_wolf_in_sheeps_clothing.
  12. ^^^^^ Nuf said

    And you do realize that phrase - "a wolf in sheeps clothing" applies to backstabbers and... oh I dont know, "Rogues" lmfaoooo! I dare say, use a wee bit of intelligence semzz, it can't be that hard... for most of us anyways.

    Define "Rogue"- A man who is dishonest and/or immoral. <~~ say what??!! Nooooo... (pssst! fyi e.e... your banner gives you away)

    Peace out
  13. The things you have said and done are disgusting. You are a disgusting, lying sack of poop. I really hope your hey hooka God forgives you for your transgressions because your feeble attempts at recreating yourself here have garnerd you no sympathy from me.

    The fact that you have Roni the biggest lying hypocrite of the Kawmunitty defending you doesn't do you any favors either.
  14. Aww poor semzz he seems to be all upset that nobody rates him even with his big n bad stats .And one thing i dont do is lie . But i guess that's your next strategy and plot.We couldnt execute a bundle of lies against Wolf .So plan 2 the next best thing is lets try and lie and discredit roni ! Never mind semzz one day you might capture a female on kaw who will defend your honour and have your back.Dont give up hope just yet.
  15. lmbo at "try" to discredit roni.
  16. Call me skeptical, but unless you were there firsthand for any said disputes or the beginnings of said slander and or rumors, any and all information garnered through mediation or arbitration is merely here-say. Even screenshots can be manipulated to show a favorable defense/offense and aren't really "proof" of anything.
  17. Learn to read Roni. I didn't discredit you, I gave you the credit you have earned and deserve - kaws biggest lying hypocrite. And it's not hearsay, I've proven it time and time again old girl. ;)
  18. I wasn't there firsthand (probably because I'm not an underage female) but I have known about wolf for years, saw plenty of ss' of him acknowledging it and actually acting like a pompous ass about it. I could care less who believes it or doesn't, my message is to wolf and for wolf and it's being said in public because he keeps choosing to be in the public eye.

    In my opinion you are a dirty dirty individual (a_wolf_in_sheeps_clothes), there is a special place in hell for the people who are the kind of dirty that you are.
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