Trump's Immigration ban

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  1. Ok first as always thank you for taking time to read is and as always let's begin

    Now a day or two ago Trump issued a ban on Muslim Immigration to America (mainly the refugees) well this in my opinion is against the core roots of America and the Constitution (also the statue of liberty but that isn't a document just the saying in the statue) also with that ban he issued another order that gives priority to any Christian refugees.

    I understand concerns about the extremists muslims but their are extremists Christians as well(idk if there are any extremist Jewish people but that would really surprise me) if you ban immigration you should just completely ban it and not prefer one religion of another
  2. This libtard seriously needs to stop
  3. Whatever dude, idc if you dont like trump or not. We need to secure the house before we worry about might feel different after one of them hurts someone close to you.

    And its not a ban on muslims, the fake news got people out here looking dumb.
    The ban is on specific terrorist hotspots and isnt a full on ban, just a set of process that will make sure if coming in that you arent some terrorist scum.
  4. Sorry I don't make threads about the alternative facts and if I offend you why don't you get a safe space and by the why you don't have to read it I didn't force you or anyone else to click the thread and also I won't stop just because I upset you
  5. I've had family who've fought them in Afghanistan and Iraq also I'm joining the army this year (I broke you ankle or I would have already joined but this is about what is constitutional we are not a Christian nation nor do we have any religion but this is what Trump wants to try and make happen and it's the same thing like 1920-30s Germany
  6. It's a ban on Muslim refugees which are fleeing ISIS and dont call everything fake news it's like crying wolf no one believes you after a few times
  7. Tbh it goes against the very core beliefs of the Founding Fathers. They wanted this as a nation for all where all people who are fleeting from disaster, persecution because of beliefs and terror could come.
    I hate how some on this thread insist on insulting parties. For all they know or care slim could be a super conservative. Let's focus on the discussion and not focus on the parties guys.
  8. Thanks mate and I'm kinda a mix of liberal and conversative I just want equality for people and every American to feel safe in America and right now Muslim Americans (some friends) feel very unsafe and concerned about their future in their country
  9. Why would you invite a guest into your house who doesn't respect your rules or like you

    You hippies are lucky trumps in charge. I'd have you thrown live into a meat grinder and feed you to the dogs
  10. Lmao love seeing all the tears..i say burn em all down, good and thr bad. Let god sort em. So to ban possible threats is light action. Id rather be safe and help americans than to have to worry if someone is isis.
    Its literally not our problem that they want to leave their country,but if they want to run here then they need to be process in place to protect us. Yall noobs take the word "ban" to far, they can still get in just now will be hard to just come hete freely like b4

    And you wanna talk constitution in the same sentence you say we arent a christian nation...our forfathers would roll over in their graves
  11. Umm by rules do you mean the laws because Muslims in general follow the rules of the country they are in because they believe that if they don't they disrespect God for in the Bible and Quran it states any law on earth should be considered a law in heaven

    And to the dog food and hippy thing I'm not a hippy nor is my family we have fought in every war since the revolutionary war and the dog food well that is why no one in America listens to you because you are obviously mentally unstable and should seek help if not for me, the people of kaw, or your fellow American, do so for you "family" and if you don't really mean that statement about dog food why you hiding behind a computer screen? Does it make you feel tough? Did Daddy beat you? Do you need a safe space?
  12. That's the cowards way for dealing with threats Pinky
  13. Most terrorists acts are done by people born in America who aren't connect to a terrorist group. You can kill 5 billion people and still thousands will die in mass shootings. The real issue isn't outsiders. It's the extremist born here.
  14. Cowards way?? We could just wipe em off the map but then we would have tree huggers like you crying about the innocent..

    Which would you prefer?
  15. This is what actually happened:

    Suspension of the US Refugee Admissions Programme for 120 days

    A ban on refugees from Syria until "significant changes" are made "consistent with the national interest"

    A 90-day suspension on arrivals from Iraq, Syria, and countries designated "areas of concern"

    To prioritise refugee claims in future "on the basis of religious-based persecution" if the person is part of a minority religion in their home country

    Immediate suspension of the Visa Interview Waiver Programme, which allowed immigrants to renew their visa without attending an interview

    -source BBC
  16. Well the cowards why is another way that doesn't involve facing them in the field what you propose is to kill all Muslims (terrorist or not) and let God sort them out. It's easy to do that but it's the way of cowards I say fight them(the terrorists) man to man and kill the bad ones and not the good ones (if that makes sense by good and bad) and not close our borders like Trump proposed or just kill them all like you proposed
  17. nah broooooo ask any trump hater , its a ban on muslims!!!
  18. And calling me a tree hugger but you don't know anything about me lol and yes we shouldn't kill innocent we aren't war criminals
  19. It is a ban on Muslims...... Because Trump issues the statement Christians from those same areas are allowed in

    oops my bad forgot to include the source
  20. Im prior service and seen the evil..been longest war in our history and you still say just fight man to man...haha been doing this, so id love to hear whst you would do..
    if you dont have any suggestions then why even talk other than to complain about someone who is taking actions to make sure you free to say what you want.
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