Trump's Big Ban

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  1. Actually, we have people living here who have what's called "permanent legal resident" status that aren't citizens. They have the legal right to remain here and have the right to due process before that status is revoked. We also have people who are dual citizens. Additionally, your link refers increased restrictions on a VISA waiver program, not an outright travel ban. It says so right in the link itself. Learn the differences.

    @ Spooky

    Don't whine about the source. Prove it wrong. That's how it works.

    BTW, I also read Fox and even Breitbart because I like to read about issues from different perspectives. That's how you learn things. How you don't learn things is by automatically dismissing anything because you don't like the source.

    I'm out of here for the night. I'll pick up the thread tomorrow.
  2. This isn't a Muslim ban. This is a ban, on immigrants, travelers and refugees from countries which were on a list.. a list that was derived by OBAMA Administration.
    Where were the cries in 2011, when Obama put an all out travel ban on Muslim refugees ?
    The ban trump put in place is a temporary 120 day ban, to tighten up the vetting process .

    The left's crying and full on tempter tantrum is honestly freaking embarrassing for America.
    You people kicking and screaming about every single thing Trump does is pathetic. It makes us look like a weak country, filled with complaining snowflake pansies. If I were another country who hated Americans right now, I'd flat out attack our country.

    Thank god this generation of pansies weren't around when we fought Germany and words which are censored on kaw, because ATA likes to ban those words, because it's easier to forget and ban history instead of keepin it real... But if we faced the same threat right this moment, as we did during WWII, I'm sure generation snowflake would just let them right in the door, give them food and clothing and make them comfortable, while they killed our people.

    This is a ban, that is less than what the Obama administration put in place, and do not call it a Muslim ban. Indonesia, India, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Nigeria and Egypt are the highest Muslim population centers in the world, and they are NOT on the list.

    Anything Trump does for the next 4 years is going to be comical. Thanks to the liberals, California's drought is solved from all the liberal tears flooding the coastline.

    The left and it's divisive temper tantrum is crazy. Literally, every single day there's something new.
    No, trump isn't going to resign. Trump is going to finish his first term, and these whining, crying, sniveling liberals are going to ensure he wins a 2nd term as well. People I've spoken to who voted for him but were uneasy about him, now guarantee they're voting a second term.
    People scared to work and restore this country to it's former glory.

    Now is the time to restore our country back to when it was a financial force and we had excellent roads, and a solid infrastructure.
    We focused on the rest of the planet and becoming a bunch of spoiled pansies for 30 years now, and let liberals run amok. Now they're not use to someone coming in and taking solid control.

    One thing is for sure, I'm going to be doing a lot of laughing watching the left crying for another 3 years, 360 days, then to watch them explode when he wins a second term 

    Thank god we didn't do this when Obama was elected twice.

    Sad thing is, Facebook and all social media activity will go down in history, and when trump ends up becoming one of the best President in U.S. history , congrats! Your relatives and future generations can now look back on this and know that they had an utter whimp of a great great great grand mother or grand father 
  3. My point was that people seeking asylum don't have said asylum, so they don't have the rights you're talking about
  4. PoppaBear, AMEN!!
  5. No dude, trust me, "we" did elect trump.
    We are in a constitutional republic, and if you want to live in a true democracy, may I suggest Canada, or Mexico, or a socialist country.
    Americans spoke their minds, and we did it on a grand scale.
    A democracy will never work in America, because the majority of the population lives in ultra dense rural cities, and if we were in a democracy, the only states which would matter are California and NY, and all other states would not have a voice. We are a constitutional republic for a reason.
    58 counties were the majority of Hillary vote nation wide, and over 3100 other counties would not have a voice. This would leave the rest of the free states out of the equation.

    Americans spoke loud and clear, and in a huge win for Trump, because you had 8 yeas, and your 8 years of Obama administration was an utter failure, which divided the country worse than its been since the 1960's.
    8 years of regret will be what Obama will go down in history as.

    Bernie sanders is even going off on this popular vote. The popular vote means absolutely nothing, and here's the thing . As a person running for president, he should never have made this statement. It shows how truly ignorant he is about America. We aren't socialists. We are a constitutional republic and you need to learn that.
    The reason why a Trump win was such a shock, and why he's so opposed is because the liberal media all but guaranteed a Hillary win. They picked out the inaugural ball colors and were essentially celebrating a win, when in fact, millions of Trump supporters were sitting back in hiding with the troll face thing going on, because we knew when Election Day came, we were showing up in massive numbers.
    Sorry your mainstream lied to you, and sorry you can't accept Trump's victory.
    But to be honest, I'm not sorry. We had to put up with your fake tolerance far too long. We found out that your tolerance only lasted while you had someone agree with you, but the moment they went against what you didn't agree with, your silly tempter tantrums and name calling resumed.

    Your news and your social media made this happen to you. They lied and had a 99% chance of Hillary winning , and we knew the bias was so strong and that they were all blinded by their own pre celebration victory.

    The U.S is many things to many people, but when the liberal left starts shoving their views and their laws down Americans throats by force, you're going to see overwhelming victories take place, because your view of "Change", simply was a failure and we are so much worse off today than we were 8 years ago.
    Trump has done some amazing work the last week, and the liberal media crying and all the protesters are simply making our once-great country look like a bunch of pathetic whimps.
    Stop crying, put your big boy pants on and enjoy the ride . Might have room for you still in the caboose of this trump train. No crying in back please
  6. No...the subjectivity of it is...through the roof. To say white supremacists ("and other extremists") killed more people in America than terrorists and then exclude the lives of over 2,000 people killed in 9/11 is nothing but a testimony to the great defenses our country has and the lack thereof in other countries while terrorists kill many more globally than just in America.

    But hey since that doesnt fit our narrative, lets FORGET about the 2k people that died in the twin towers, the 175 people murdered in a shopping mall in 2013, the thousands upon thousands of others in hundreds of other cities outside of America. So because white supremacists killed a couple tens of people (48)*??? none of them matter?

    We can shift our focus away from that because there are STILL thousands being slaughtered elsewhere BY ISLAMIC extremists? Okay, so you see what I mean by "fabricated lie"? Its not "wrong", but its freaking wrong.

    *Quote from NY times article:
    "Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims: 48 have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim, including the recent mass killing in Charleston, S.C., compared with 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center."
  7. I mean, let's just ignore nearly a century of slavery. Let's just ignore the American holocaust. Because ignoring those blatantly racist acts of hatred and murder makes your facts seem more real.

    I'm not saying your wrong, I'm just saying you are hedging the truth to make your truth more accurate.

    On a more on topic subject, did you know that Trump lost the majority of his supporters? Heck, the Republican politicians don't like him. If he makes it thru his first term, I'll be amazed.

    Of course, I would say the same about hillary and sanders. There was no good candidate this year. And as far as I'm concerned, if you supported any of them you are ignorant.
  8. Hey you! I heavily supported President Trump for most of his campaign, and I'd do it all over again! And then again! If that offends your delicate sensibilities, then go to your safe space and melt!
  9. We, as humans, cannot fix the transgressions of the past. We can't go back 200 years, and fix two centuries of slavery in the U.S., we can't make amends for what does not affect us in any way in modern life.
    Nobody alive today, is responsible for this era, and it's beating a dead horse.
    How is anyone alive today responsible for taking ones freedom? How is anyone alive today responsible or can track down who benefited from what?
    We live in a modern era, and can only fix what's happening now.

    And, as far as the comment concerning white supremacists killing more people than terrorists? That's the biggest load of BS I've ever heard and can only be the doing of the liberal media.
    I can and will list a massive checklist showing this is absolutely wrong.
    In 2 shootings alone, the San Bernadino shooting, and the Florida night club shooting, there were over 75 people killed in that alone.
    What do you consider a white supremacist shooting? You really have to stretch your imagination and label everyone a white supremacist to even believe this.
    Dylan Roof, sure, but that's about it I believe . I keep track of this, because each shooting I watch the liberal media twist every incident from a random act of a madman or a terrorist act, into it being the gun's fault. Or watch them back out of calling it a religious driven hate crime.
    NYT as the proof, is a fake article, and likely the only thing you'll find like that online.
    Believe it or not, there's not a group of white hooded dudes hiding behind the bushes of your house every night.
    However, in some countries, there is a brainwashed 10 year old, waiting for his date to come up, to strap a vest on his body and perpetrate a hate crime.

    You know, come to think of it, the 7 countries which are banned from entering the U.S. right now, have had a ban on Israeli citizens entering or living in their counties. How can you feel empathy for a country that plays the hypocrite card like that? Israel or Jews are banned from entering those countries.
  10. I got cancer from reading just the first two pages of this thread...
    Thanks, sincerely
  11. Here are some facts since this lacks any.

    If it were in fact a Muslim ban why would the top 5 Muslim countries not be on the ban list? Why is it that of the 7 only one them is in the top 10 (Iran @7). Why would you want to accept refugees from areas where we're at war with? Why is it that the latest terrorist attacks always seem to be orchestrated from a terror group located in one of the areas on the ban? Oh yeah because Trumps a racist! ... stables74/

    Copy and paste into your search bar, do the research before you believe what you were told by the news.
  12. Lmao this guy is a moron, end of
  13. Trumps big ban is absolutely brilliant and wonderful he has done the right thing keep the illegals out have stricter borders and maybe no more buildings will fall 
  14. Trumps act to little to late. It's just a stunt and misdirection. Terrorists are already in countries all over the world, most are home grown citizens 2-3 generations. This act of stupidity swallowed by an angry few only fuels the inner hatred and anger brewing inside those that are already your next door neighbours. Brace yourself my American friends, look after your families because the man you voted in has now put you all in danger because a of his arrogance. God bless.
  15. US can't banned KSA. They are one of largest investors in the US. Probably 1/3 of invested in US corporations are own by KSA. You don't want investors like them pull out investments. Specially most of US tech and most products made by China to maximize investors profit. Either how you want it US screw themselves because of greed. Citizens not realizing their supposedly US company it's not really US company anymore. Now you only need one crazy leader to screw it further by blaming minority. This kind of attitude cause WW2 by dividing it's citizens. Remember history always repeat itself because of ignorants and greed. Every empire rise and fall. US is no different but how its citizens deal with it remain to be seen.
  16. Good point. Let's have more refugees who might turn become radicalised down the line. What a moron
  17. What y'all mad at? That trump is actually going ahead with his campaign promises. You guys elected him, now you need to stop crying about it 
  18. Do you really think terrorist needs to apply refugee status to come to America? They are will funded groups. They can come to US with student visa or business ventures individuals. Trying to blame refugee it's like burying your head under the sand. Not one of the history of terrorist that one come as refugees. Easy to blame minority rather than face the truth. Minority and the poor are easy target they have nothing. Then again you have your constitution that supposedly you have to abide to ensure everyone equality is protected.
  19. Lol quig. My point is that by going about it this way it causes more damage. This is a stunt. Trump saying look at me, I'm a hard ass and the average American will be in the firing line while he is surrounded by his security detail. I'm not saying that limiting refugee intake is not a way of helping to secure a country. I actually agree with it in principle. It's the casual disregard for the outcome and price, which as history teaches us the average guy pays in blood because of the arrogance and narcissistic attitude of one. I'm no moron mate, the fact that you stoop to insulting me says it all. Keep ya head down bud. 
  20. Illegals? Green card holders? Visa holders?Are you for real? None of those returned past 2 days was illegal. All of them had either a green card either a valid visa.