Trump prostesting gone too far??

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  1. Really? Haha. You not gonna have borders to fight for if anyone else gets elected. Lol .
  2. It's so backwards it's scary. Equal pay for equal work?. No wonder everyone at minimum wage jobs want 15 hr. No skills, no thinking involved, can't get my order right anyway cause 15 menu items is so complicated. When you actually work a real job not meant just for experience in the workforce u probably will make more.keep telling yourself flipping burgers is a career and your flip yourself out of a job. Or protest all day so u don't have to work cause everything will be given to you. But other people's money does run out.

  3. Oh the irony, out of curiosity, if everyone had 'proper' careers, who would flip your burgers for you?

    Who would serve you at the bar?

    Who would clean the public toilets?

    Who would clean the streets?

    Who would take away your trash?

    Who would bring you your paper?

    "Get a 'proper' career", I assume you're also one of those against immigration? If you are, then you just won the award for biggest idiot of the year.

    If no one is willing to do the jobs at the bottom, they will be outsourced to foreigners that WILL do the jobs, they will then send the money home instead of keeping it in the USA, so effectively it will be lost, Instead of being spent on the USA and re-injected into your economy.

    These jobs at the bottom may not be 'career' jobs, but they are essential parts of any good economy. If people aren't willing to do them then they will be outsourced and the country loses the wealth they generate.

    As to the flag stomping.. I don't really get it tbh, I could never do it. I'm rather patriotic (for a Brit, lol) however I would warn against jumping to conclusions and search for the real reason, I doubt it is as simple as they hate America, it's probably closer to they hate that a man like trump can get so close to the White House.
  4. Don't give that award away so freely, Rio. There are people far more deserving of that recognition.
  5. Maybe it could be a group award?
  6. There can only be one.
  7. People only like freedom of expression when it supports their beliefs.

    You may not like defacing the flag as an act of protest. But it is constitutionally protected. And I love when the "I want small government" crowd come out and suggest that laws should be made to stop this.

    Congrats, you are attempting to subvert the constitution and at the same time, advocating for the very thing you claim to be fighting against.
  8. I find it funny how Americans immediately thing of their military when everyone defaces their country, people don't like America, you make stupid choices and bad decisions. One of which is allowing trump to get this far in the election campaign....

    A bigot and a racist? Nice choice for president 
  9. Spat on a piece of material? Who cares?
  10. I actually agree with what Cheese says for once.


    So, I checked out the video made by a Youtube prankster. Honestly, the beginning could have been a set up. The rest of it, you can't prove they were democrats or republican except for the crown of Bernie supports(Which could've been staged to). When they walked past, they called him a racist for supporting trump, which is very much understandable given Trump's rant on everything under the sun. But that part is up for debate.
  11. This is the same as the idiots flying the confederate flag, you can't win against stupid.

    But I still say we just remove all warning and let the problem sort itself out, I pity MURICA good people but you all got too many morons
  12. Didn't trump lose against Cruz somewhere? Heard it on the news yesterday.
  13. Are you blind? They might do the jobs and send the money home! They already do you moron to the tune of billions of dollars a year. So it's already effectively lost. Not sure what planet you live on but you're surely misguided.
    You just explained what is currently happening. I mean surely you knew that already. Right. I'm guessing not! Since you just predicted the future! You can come flip my burgers tho. I want it medium well and bring me a beer why you're at it .
  14. i think people care way too much so lemme explain this:

    we need to break up, america. this 300 year relationship between 50 states has gone on too long, while some of you are small enough to be blobbed with others to create slightly bigger territories of mass, others can do pretty well on their own. so america should not vote for a president and instead disband into mini countries and see eachother awkwardly after many years. i think time apart would be healthy for us and realize how awesome we are as individuals and maybe at a later date come together strengthened. cause what we got right now aint working.

  15. You're clearly misunderstanding what they're trying to do. They spat on the american flag because the america that trump wants is disgusting and no better than a flemmy bit of spit on the ground.

    Btw i find it very ironic that americans are all super against people taking their guns but some, like you, want to prevent people spitting on a stupid flag like dude do you want to give people freedoms or do you want to control your country make up your mind :S
  16. The three main people who are likely to get in are Trump, Cruz and Clinton; if we vote for any of these people, it will be historic.

    Clinton would be the first female president,
    Cruz would be the first Canadian present and Trump?

    Last American president.
  17. Typical ignorant foreign response. Those idiots have been spitting on the flag long before trump decided to run for president. Illiterate trash can't use their words so the act out like toddlers. Point and grunt like cavemen.
  18. Another typical response. "Could have been a setup". Yeah bro. It'd a known secret liberals are all for beliefs, as long as it's their beliefs. Anything else and you're a racist bigot.
  19. So, you just cherry picked. I said you can't tell if anyone in the video was republican or democratic as well, especially the drivers or the people who walked up. You don't know whose who. So it's not accurate at all.

    Lastly, it was done by a KNOWN YOUTUBE PRANKSTER. So, sorry if I'm not open to jokesters trying to be official. #Trump.
  20. Nice trolling