Trump bans trans people from military

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by OkieDokie, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Well i disagree on the stupid part;-)
  2. So I'm assuming you are pointing out that transgenders on average face higher discrimination and marginalization than the average american, therefore skewing their suicide rates to a higher proportion.

    However, I would still disagree-

    If we follow that logic and apply it to similar minorities, it doesn't hold up. African Americans face/faces large amounts of social&systematic discrimation compared to their fellow white citizens (I would argue, worse than transgender community). However, throughout history and in 2017, the suicide rate for blacks isnt marginally higher than the average american, but actually even lower than the suicide rates for caucasians.

    If we apply this logic once again to impoverished people living in developing countries, who face immense hardships beyond what you or I could comprehend, we see that their suicide rates on average are once again lower than the average in first world countries.

    I'd even argue that suicide is a priviledge of first world countries, but that is for another debate.

    Using your logic, its clear that hardships & discrimation (based on either your identity or not), CANNOT be correlated with suicide rates.

    The logical conclusion is that majority of transgender people have pre-existing mental conditions.
  3. ^ especially when we consider a difference of 3% and 40% (average/transgender suicide rates). The margin is ENORMOUS, and when you compare it to the examples I provided, it seems difficult to rationalize.
  4. If you believe im stupid, please logically respond to my post (without namecalling ;))
  5. Hmmmm not your President you say? So you don't live in the U.S.?
  6. I live in the US, still not my president.
  7. Grimzy, again, those you mention don't face the same issues transgender people do. It isn't a fair fight.
  8. I think it's better we agree to disagree seeing as we both won't change our minds.
  9. agreed. glad to see your opinion and share mine. I wish the best for you!
  10. Same to you. :)
  11. #MakeAmericaGreatAGAIN

    Emphasis on the "again" how can you make something great "again" if it wasn't great in the first place? Wall Street Crash, Great Depression, 9/11, Racist Feds. When was it ever great?
  12. Well i belive in treating everyone as an individual,not after gender,sexual orientation,religion,skin color.if you exlude/treat ppl different based on that you are in my opinion wrong(best word i could come up with,without getting jumped on)
  13. Why is this being discussed on a war game?
  14. Right because gender corrective surgery is whimsical, and something people can do impulsively, so they can keep on eating pizza and not lose their jobs... Smdh.
    You speak of identity as though it were a fashion trend. You speak of transgender people as though they were unaware of military conduct and dress codes.
    You fail to acknowledge these are dedicated, combat-trained human beings who are committed to risking their lives in support and defense of our country. It is not a tv sitcom joke to them.
    You also seem unaware there are servicepeople all over the world who require all sorts of prescription medication, whom the military accomodates just fine.

    If transgender people make you uncomfortable, that's your business. Thank god we live in a country where at least for now we have the freedom to remove ourselves from people we don't like... Largely thanks to our military people. But attempting to make a stereotypical mockery of them in order to voice your opinion is just as bigoted as the fascist liar who imposed the ban.
  15. Alright, we're going to be locking this thread up now.

    Thank you to all of those who did their best to keep this discussion respectful. However, there are those who choose to use this thread to publicly discriminate against others. Here at A Thinking Ape we believe everyone is entitled to a safe environment where they are treated with respect.
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