True Spartans vs Killers United OSW

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Okay here is the story as I've been able to piece together.

    Just before war 6 killers united had two war guests from Minas Morgul ( both accounts have moved to X factor).

    The guests reported per-war incoming from True Spartans. Feeling the need to defend his guests, KU hit back at TS and began trading smack talk. Voila! We have an osw.

    What is unclear to me at the present time is why TS were hitting these guest accounts in the first place. Another thing is why these guest accounts left KU after an osw which they are directly involved in broke out. There is speculation that these X factor accounts were actually TS alts, but no concrete evidence of this has been uncovered.

    So anyone with any insight into this spat, please post away. Better yet, let's hear about those strips, boys.

    Good luck to both sides
  2. Support to TS! They taught me alot while I was there
  3. Support TS. Good luck to all.
  4. I vote for the best team
  5. Reserved.
  6.  phil I can assure you that's not how it happened, this started as 2 bl hits from one of us which was returned with 2 of them returning fire we let this slide while we gave the owner time to get back to us, 2 days I believe went past no follow back no wall from the owner. Even though he was active in the eb and EE, then yesterday a 3rd account started hitting our member. So now they get to meet all of us.

    No the clam has dropped from 60 to 20 odd people. Let the fun times roll
  7. This sounds oddly familiar...
  8. Do dip, Sherlock
  9. Go TS  and sounds like KU still has not learned its lessons from last time.
  10. Wow news to me considering I'm owner of X factor please fill me in on details
  11. Ba na na lmao
  12. Nooo what ? KU and mini need to learn a lesson. Obviously my time spend stripping and farming them wasn't enough to teach them. You do not screw with decent hard working kawers mini. And don't battle list war hardened Kaw clans.
  13. Lol KU in another osw
    They might go down for good this time
  14. Either a very brave or very stupid clan to **** with True Spartans. I know my vote...