True Spartans - Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by The_Merovingian, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. ༺Ŧ$Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻
  2. Bump for new recruits️
  3. Support it u guys r doing well. But please check history meaning of wog, Kotfe, Spartan. In sum sense it s like u have taken the Spartan king and said we are all Spartan and threw in the ones who came to overthrow him. But in all it's a game and we all can use our imagination to it's fullest ability.
  4. Bump Becuz I Luv My Family
  5. Bump for TS BOOM!!
  6. ༺Ŧ$Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻
  7. Great clan. Good peeps. Great family. 
  8. Bump, THIS IS SPARTA
  9. We are a strong force to be reckoned with. Have fought with the best of them, have also fought against the best of them. We are still here, prepared to protect our own.

    "I've fought countless times, yet I've never met an adversary who could offer me what we Spartans call 'A Beautiful Death'. I can only hope, with all the worlds warriors gathered against us, there might be one down there who's up to the task"

    Tl;dr - Were here, and not going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. THIS CLAN IS SO ******* AMAZING!

    I used to have a clan which i thought was home. It had a great cc, great people, but if you tried to have a joke, people got offended and i got the boot quite a lot. I was upset because i was permanently banned, but yarmie told me about TS.

    All i have to say is that once you get to know everyone, this WILL be the best clan youve ever been in.

    Cc is great, there are so many diffrrent personalities in the clan and it is just perfect all round!

    If cc was a vehicle it would be a banter bus ;), if the clan was a person it would be spragga! #Unstoppable
  11. Recruiting now
  12. We'll said Andy, TS is a great clan!!!
  13. SPARTA