Troop glitch in Indy war ?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by __MG_of__WoG____, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Did anybody else experience any kind of troop glitch in last Indy war ? .... it seemed like to me ... I got forced more troops during my regen when I tried to sko ...about 30% more ...
  2. Yup it totally sucks when zero troops just be aten before your troops out of pin over this.

    I reported this to devs and support and just awaiting a response. This definitely needs to be handled like today.
  3. Happened to me! I was 0 troops and spies on my sko then all of a sudden 30% more troops (eaten) and 40-60% more spies. I sent feedback but probably will get a reply back that has nothing to do with the issue.
  4. Lol yea are extra ty kaw
  5. I've gotten a response from support and will soon be handled by the devs.
  6. Nothing like waiting for a regen and getting 50% troops lol
  7. Response-

    "Thanks for the report. We couldn't detect anything unusual on the system end of things, but we've notified our developers and they will take a deeper look into this issue."

  8. I got the same cut and paste response.... ATA customer service/support sucks !!!
  9. Every once in a while they do a good job (once a year). The times they do it seems they just got out of a meeting of how they need to get involved so they actually care for a day. Next day it goes back to not reading our messages and responding to them with responses that don't make sense.
  10. Give me a few days and I will send some lovely screenshots of ata responses. This will make everyone laugh at them. How they contradict each other, how they lie to players and how they don't even read our responses.
  11. It sounds like you got the level 1 hoarfrost glitch

    Selling that helps you in war
  12. I just had a random 80% spy regen 3 minutes ago while doing HTE. Not complaining, just saying it's apparently happening other places too.
  13. Still no dev response? Fix your game ffs !!!
  14. Another ATA KaW glitch? Nah.
  15. Made up for all the time i would log in after offs of being off and only having troops at 95 percent. Even after regen would move to 96 percent so ill say thank you kaw for giving me my troops
  16. No update on this? I got plunderlike 5x during war when my zero troops went up to 30% unexpectedly (out of my Regen time). Same thing happened with almost everyone on both rosters. Problem was, my roster was supposed to be all zero troops as our strategy was, but because of that unexpected glitch, we all got plundered resulting to the increase on opponents' plunder.

    That may have caused the difference after war.

    No correction about that? We know event is over now but, guess what. I fell to rank#11 in war leaderboard. If that glitch didn't occur, it could have given me fair chance to caught top #10 in war leaderboard.
  17. They just want this issue to go away nothing will be done about it. It wouldnt be fair to other team is the go to excuse
  18. Still nothing , shocking response from ATA
  19. I sent a message 4 days ago and still no response. Maybe they fired their customer service people. We can only wish.
  20. I had same thing this war last week. Killed my team bad