Troll's Super Cereal Thread: Actual Fighting?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by RETRIBUTION, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Just like taxes
  2. Ehh I don't think it would stop retaliation. Hate> for most
  3. Well it wouldn't STOP them, no. But it might keep them from posting funny stuff like "hah! Wat u gona do, I took all ur munee?!?" :cry: that would be tragic.

    On another key, it would make "I'm gonna take 15b frum u" threats a lot more real.
  4. I think it would make the game more interesting
  5. We should rally support. Maybe if a massive amount of people email the idea to ata they will consider it.

    On a side note, maybe the cap could be your raw attack stats for attacking and your raw spy attack for stealing. It would scale it by rank and it wouldn't be too massive in my opinion.
  6. Back in the glory days of KaW, when war was how you grew. Before Pwars EB's. Before Highlands and T4. Before Lev4 guilds. Plunder percentage was higher. Especially spy plunder.
    The amount your victim/target lost was also much greater. Kingdoms were destroyed in hours. Where it now takes days or weeks of relentless farming to take out a good player.
    At the onset of the NAL/Hollow war in early 2010 a few 129k/129k spies could clean you out on a couple hours. It was because of this war and the ensuing destruction ,that Devs changed the system to keep players from being wiped out over night.

    I support troll's idea. Not only would it encourage hitting another kingdom. It might well help us recapture some of the excitement of the old days.
  7. Thanks Tornado, I appreciate your support.
  8. My butt equals
  9. Thanks for the ass pic... I think.
  10. Support. 

    Don't spam them emails lol, if on a PC just update the first post with names of supporters. After about a hundred or so supporters, email the devs to check out the thread.
  11. L3 castle upgrade for this ability? 
  12. I never contact devs without it being necessary, they're busy enough without having to deal with my unimportant problems lol.
  13. I like that it encourages player vs player activity. I don't like that it gives away how much you have out. It's the unknown variables like this that make the interesting.
  14. Ehhh you can sort of tell now, more gold out, more you make per hit (slightly)
  15. Maybe i read it wrong. Thought it would be an added bonus when you hit someone (sort of like ally bonus and how it reads on your victory screen). If everyone knew what the percentage was you could figure out their unbanked funds with some simple math.

    Even if you just included it to your general plunder, people would test hit each other and figure out ballpark ranges to approximate how much money their opponent has out.
  16. Support. I like the idea tr0ll 