Troll's Super Cereal Thread: Actual Fighting?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by RETRIBUTION, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Seems legit (said with super cereal face)
  2. Yes. However, it might.... Be abused by people with gifrigginnormous mains whith trillions and smaller alts. If they put a truly out, you lose .9% per steal (I think) then it's 1bil, 20% of one bil is 200mil. Daaaaamn.....

    If your being stripped of say 3 tril, bring thy up to over a half a bil per hit. That could be abused
  3. A trill* not a truly sry
  4. Wait... I talked to wulf about this once. I think, we might need to ask a mod to confirm, but the .9% goes out the window at a certain amount of money out... So this might not be abused....

  5. It can't be abused, here's the math to prove it. (using your example.)

    .9% = .009

    .009 * 3t = 27b per hit lost

    20% = .2

    .2 * 27b = 5.4b per hit

    Therefore, each time you make SOME LOSE 27B, 5.4B comes into the game. 27B is 5 times 5.4b, therefore your statement is invalid.

    This same ratio is present for any amount of gold lost, and therefore it cannot be abused.

    Here to show you its the same ratio look, 100b out.

    .009 * 100b = 900m lost per hit

    .2 * 900m = 180m gained.

    You see? This is an incredible amount lost compared to that gained.
  6. Ah. Your way better at math than me obviously, but that still proves my point. If there's any way to make 5 bil in a hit, it will be abused.
  7. For it to be abused someone loses 5 times what someone else gains. I wouldn't call that abuse, possibly strategy.

    Don't say it is to much lost, because people lose that much all the time now, and possibly it is too much gained (devs set percentage not me), but how often do you and can you hit someone with 3 trillion out? Practically never, they either 1) have to much BFA to hit or 2) are being stripped and you have already provided the 3t it costs to buy their allys.

  8. True. I still really like the idea, just kinda afraid of what it could do to the game.

    When I was in wig and we were at war, there was people with trillions out posted on ca offten. Would have been nice then lol
  9. CA's often are (usually are) exaggerated.

    But yes trillions are stripped, but thats why I said devs can pick the numbers.

    For you to gain a net 200b, some unfortionate person has to lose 1000b... So it seems balanced to me.
  10. Yep. If only the devs would do it. I don't remember the last time they used a players idea. If they ever have......
  11. So true! Okay bbl people, gym now.
  12. I like this idea. 20% may be a bit too much because so matter how much they lose, 5b per hit is insane. 5%-10% seems like a number we can all be happy about. After all, it's all more money and it all promotes player vs. player. (and it'll weed out the noobs that are unwilling to step up from warbeasts.)
  13. I was thinking 20% was sort of high too, but also maybe there could be a max increase sort of like ally plunder. Or even a decreasing percentage as opponents lose more.
  14. I'd say cap it at something. A decreasing percentage would encourage the pwar style of hitting, that being hit a few times and wait ten minutes. It wouldn't feel as rewarding.

    The cap would work but what's the Magic number that's high enough to promote hitting other players and low enough so it won't be overused. The potential problem lies in osf abuse. A super rich osf could put all of it's money out and the 100k stat people could hit them and make millions per hit.
  15. I suppose that's probably what would happen, ide like to see the cap relatively high, but not ridiculous
  16. I actually like this. Unfortunately, it would take away the fightlust of the people who farm me back, because I lose no money.. But that's their problem 
  17. I was referring to troll's post. There are no enemies of Joe.