Trick To Boost Moth Drops

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  1. Alright, I'm tired seeing as it is finals week so this will be my first ever low quality thread.

    I'm here to say that I'm assuming moth drop rates are linked to plunder just like fangs were, so here is the tip I learned from the fang promo:

    Attack builds do not use your spies.

    Unless you have sufficient spy strength (don't have exact numbers but I'll say less than 1 million spy attack) or your ratio of troops to spies is insanely different meaning you have more than 75% of your buildings as troop buildings.

    In other words, true attack builds or attack heavy hybrids use only your troops, if the moths are anything like the fangs, your spies are only making your drops worse.

    I don't have time or energy to explain it so when I do, I'll update this thread but for now take my word for it (granted moth drops are equivalent to fang drops back in October).

    The explanation to this is in my older thread about fangs which is listed below. Click it and learn.

    Go here --> Explanation

    Have a good day/night everyone and happy KaWing!
  2. I'll be checking this out later.
  3. It will definitely increase plunder versa
  4. Please post your results so I can combine the info into a quality guide. Let's get this figured out as fast as we can :lol:
  5. il explain. spies add another 36 actions per hour. if you do butt loads of damage and plunder with just troops you will get better drops because you did better per action, which is why us hansels wrecked everyone in fangs.

    i have no clue and had never heard of this til now, but w/e thats my educated guess
  6. I could bump my fang drop thread... Let me find it
  7. I think moth drop is based off of damage rather than plunder. I ran several bars on an HTE and got a 1.8bil bonus, which is an average to good bonus for me, but only received 17 moths. As a spy build, I barely to any damage with troops, which leads me to the previously stated conclusion.

    EDIT: full bars of troops, no spies used. whoops. lol
  8. This wouldn't work for hansels, it's strictly attack builds and damage is related to plunder.
  9. I never understood this concept till pums jut explained it lol thank you
  10. nice. i linked in my thread for those who wont read this.
  11. You're feeling the effects of Finals week too, eh?
  12. I was commenting on the idea that plunder was deciding the drop rate. I will be the first to admit my knowledge on mechanics isn't the best, but I would expect that if the drop rate was based on plunder, my own bonus would have been higher.
  13. Same here :lol: it sucks
  14. aint we all? ;)
  15. So basically using pots/mith on eb's is recommended during the winter Event for increasing Drop rate?
  16. That hasn't been tested, you can kindly report back an eb where you have actions with pots and mith an one without if you'd like :D
  17. I'll post results of using this strat on 2-3 HTE later on.
  18. no trick for hansels? lol
  19. Seems legit actually i just did a hte and used 6 xtals used my spies and all overall 500 or so actions someone else in my clan got 20 bill more then me with 200 less actions and there was only a difference of 2 in our moth drops. my clanmate was a fair bit stronger then me