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  1. Hi everyone,
    I thought it was well over due that we at least recognize the Fighters of kaw. We have all met some of them in our time playing this game, though the newer players may not have. This op is to acknowledge their efforts, good or bad, loved or hated- or never known.

    -Edit- The following paragraph was written only to inform the reader. This account has no playability value beyond keeping the clan it resides in. If that is such a "terrible" violation to you, then maybe wolf was right after all, and you truly are blinded by hate or bias-

    Before you ask, I am not Wolf. This was an alt of wolf's, but I was given this account as it holds his clan he wished to have me keep. Some circumstances came to my attention recently. Yes, wolf is considered in this topic, but this covers a much broader view as there were many more like wolf that some of us maybe never saw in the spotlight like the crazy wolf lol.

    I ask, since this is a tribute, that we be respectful to all names mentioned, and to all names implied. I am tired of seeing the insults to any of them. They too fought for a cause, no different than any of you, some simply with more conviction, others with more flare.

    Let's start out with Old School (newer players, this is a good time to listen and learn some of the history behind many of the names you have heard, but noone ever fills you in). I, myself, would appreciate any and all corrections to this op if I misinform please- the hope is for accuracy here and I am only one perspective of thousands.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Old School- Zaft and Kotfe come to mind. Sic-n-iss, before they were combined and after. iG, wdgaf, WiG. Some still remember the Omets. Tbh, I don't know when Blackhands golden period was, but they certainly deserve honorable mention as well. I didn't know of Foxes, but have been informed they are an 'Original Clan'. Pure Evil, Death Before Dishonor, Last Rights. I don't include Apoc in Old School mentions for the primary reason- a lot of the affiliated clans come later. I am certain I missed a lot of needed mentionings here, please feel free to add them per Replies. I will do my best to "edit them in" when I can to insure accuracy.

    As we are all current players, I'll leave your knowledge to what current Clans need be mentioned to you. I'd like to move on to something more Specific- Players. I know, there will be differing view points for every name given here. I ask that we remain respectful the best we can.

    (in no specific order)
    Cella and Redstar :)
    I'd include some Omets, but I could never figure out which one was which lol, sorry Omets.
    The lady and crew who ran 7even.
    The keepers of Pure Evil, and Foxes.
    The OG's of Kotfe and Zaft.
    Redhot Vixen
    ^^ Lotta Mods, yes, but deserving of mention. (I know I missed some, sorry!)

    Now for the Names of those who fought for what they believed, right or wrong.

    As I am a Friend to Wolf (we all know who I mean) I will get him out of the way first, as he has practically mastered the ways of offending half of kaw at any given time lol. The names included here are not "by assocation", simply the impact they have on current affairs of kaw.

    Wolf (and alts lol)
    Mad Hatter
    Goddess of Love
    Goon and Dope lol
    slim shady
    Aztec lil pain in ur butt

    ... This was harder than anticipated lol. So many names need to be mentioned and I can't for the life of me remember em all specifically. These are the majority I can remember from both wc and forums. Please help me include more- will "edit in" best I can.

    How you feel about them is your own, and we are allowed to feel so. Remember, this is a tribute to the players who have impacted this game (many more as well I know). Let us at least honor the fact that they were willing to put themselves within the line of fire, often at great cost to themself. < Right or wrong, they did what we don't or won't do. They deserve to be acknowledged.

    Thank you all very much. I apologize for using one of wolf's statless alts to convey this message, as I do not have one of my own handy, nor do I wish to bother making one. I knew ahead of time this Tribute would too, put me in the line of fire lol. I thought it fitting, to use an account from the very one who chose the hard path. No disrespect to anyone is meant in this op. Wolf, I hope if you ever see this, you will forgive me lol.

    (I had to look at one of his other posts for this ^, my final tribute to a friend)

    Enjoy (stay tuned for "edited add-ins" for a more complete list)
  2. So you admit to breaking tou in first paragraph, interesting
  4. I believe this ^ is the paragraph you speak of Onsey. It has been seen many times before that people often "share" or "give" away accounts. I have no access to any of his accounts that could actually do anything. This "was" and still is a statless account for the sole purpose of this clan. It hurts no one that I now have this account.

    If that is the depth you would read of this op, please then, do not post. You dishonor the names mentioned by your short sighted replies. Thank You Onesy, and hopefully you understand
  6. I'll say it again. If you cannot see past that, please do not Reply. We see your bias. Thank you. Either reply to the "entire" op, or remain silent.
  7. Aztec -Lili-pain-in-ur-butt-Aztec , BenLSA , SkinnyMinny, Groos
  8. This thread is a joke. I don't see any of the real oswers mentioned. Just the normal fanboy suspects. Why use an alt to lost this garbage? Scared bruh?
  9. Ty Roni- they have been added.

    I know a lot goes on in kaw I never see. A lot of the names in op I know from watching wolf, though I don't know them personally.
  10. Who are you selection Zombie ?
  11. HEY ROONIE :|
  12. First off iZombie, I understand your point. That's why I asked you to help with this list. I don't personally do OSW. I know wolf did, so what few names I was able to put, a lot were gleaned from him. If you would like to have me add an "OSW Notables" section, that wiuld be great! I'll need your input though.

    And Second, I play peacefully. I do not wish to have my name brought into the chaos. The point of this thread is to acknowledge their impact.

    I have reason to believe wolf is AWOL. His accounts look empty. People know this was once wolf's alt. Hence my explanation in op.

    Help me add names please iZombie, that would be appreciated :)
  13. and people shouldnt quote op when they are known to be on new accounts themselves. Mango's springs to mind.
  14. Not you....
  15. Haha i am not the only person in the kaw world Zombie .Surely you see other people in it apart fom me !!
  16. Savage , ChubbyChaser , Blazey, CynderStryke, Warlock , Darth DirtyLarry,
  17. Added, thanks again Roni.

    I agree with iZombie, and happy to add new sections, or simply keep the list going. And to iZombie, I believe it is a tough argument to say Roni doesn't deserve to be in that list- Wc explodes when she appears. That is proof of the her impact.
  19. A game has no honour what is this? o_O
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