Transmuting and Mith

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by hippy, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Every time garbage spews out of your mouth you just solidify my point on how you don't know absolutely anything
  2. You realize we don't need to insult you, because you do it every time you open your mouth, better than any of us could have right?

    Please. Continue Shifter. Prove my point further, it entertains me.
  3. OK let's say kaw keeps this event format .I don't posibly see being able to fully enchant 8 pieces of equip every 2 week soo ...will you please give a little insight on how to do so ? Ty
  4. Yes .. i noticed that as well ... to be honest im rethinking what hippy said about enchanting twice and then transmuting ... he said rinse and repeat as if we can continue enchanting after transmuting. Once transmuting is done there is no turning back. I made the mistake with one equipment item and it cost me a bit.