Transmuting and Mith

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  2. K wrote in my note book for ya
  3. Still can't accept the facts, I'm not arguing with you that this is an aqua inferno black hole, all I'm saying is it's foolish to transmute legends and eb equipment that's not fully upgraded. You don't seem to understand that though
  4. If you want quick stats go Ahead and transmute them. If u want long term stats enchant then transmute. Simple as that
  5. Its not foolish at all I'll save the aqua and inferno I have left for the top tier in the next event and transmute all the other crap at level 0 and do exactly the same for the next one and so on. I'm not a top player it is actually impossible for me to enchant all this stuff and will be the same for the majority of the players on this game.

  6. I think his point is that transmuting it at lvl 1 at least gives you some bonus. If you wait till it's maxed, but never max it, then it just sits in your inventory doing nothing for you stat wise. So, if you can enchant all the equip, awesome. Not sure how anyone would get the mage materials to do that. If you can't enchant it all, then you're better off transmuting it and getting something rather than waiting and getting nothing.

    PS. Thanks op, let us know if you look into stats further and find another piece of equip that is a better bang for your buck to transmute for stats
  7. So childish, this went from a decent point of whether you should enchant your equipment before you transmute or not to pointless squabbling smh why you ruining a decent thread for :(
  8. I understand that. But its like putting the cart before the horse. You're getting tomorrow goals when you really want next years goals. Just don't be disappointed when you do it and can't take it back
  9. You offer nothing to this thread go away

  10.'re admitting you can't ever do it. You can't max the equip cuz you can't make enough mage materials to do so.

    so yeah, i'd rather have "tomorrow goals" given that those "next years goals" are actually "never gonna happen goals"
  11. Exactly...
  12. Maybe I went about saying it all wrong or something I have no clue. Sorry op I'll leave now good thread BTW.
  13. If you want tomorrow's goals over next years goals then by all means go for it, like I said, just don't complain when you end up looking like a fool

  14. aaaaaaand now we're back full circle to you insulting folks for not going after the impossible. okay, i'll step out like grizzy. Clearly your 158 days playing this game trumps the knowledge of us 6 year folks.
  15. This ^

    And also, I have to agree with Grizzy here. I'd rather transmute equipment with huge base stats that I'll NEVER enchant even once, let alone completely, than end up waiting an eternity for something that will never come.
  16. I think* that since we will be getting way more equipment than aqua/inferno currently, that in the future Aqua/Inferno rewards will possibly rise due to the introduction of Transmutation.

    This means that holding on to un-upgraded equipment now could be a reasonable thing to do, possibly.
  17. Yeah because I never started the game dec 29th 2009 on my old acc shifter and played for several years. Look at my old acc's post on forums and call my a noob again. You know nothing Jon snow.
  18. You know nothing too
  19. And for the record I never insulted anyone until greasy bear decided to come at me for speaking the truth about transmuting items. K thanks

  20. [Talks trash by pointing to another account with 40k battles won and no activity.] Yup, you sure got us. Back in the day you played for like a month and now you've played for another month on this account. You're a god among men!!