Transmuting and Mith

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  1. So a lot of people have thousands of mith and nothing whatsoever to do with it. I'm one of them. I've found this so far. If you guys would help me out I would really appreciate it


    Gauntlets of Retribution: crap at lvl 1
    Ring of Lost Souls: crap at lvl 1
    The Red Helm: 6000
    Burnished Boots: 6600
    Crimson Greaves: 11000
    Crown of the Red Sun: 13600
    Chestplate of sheared blood: 13600
    +1 Chestplate 13840
    Vainglory Bracers: 15300
    +2 vainglory 16332

    So from the limited mith equipment I've tested so far it seems like the most efficient way to spend your mith is to buy vainglory bracers, enchant twice, and then transmute, then rinse and repeat. I find it hard to believe Season 7 mith equipment will be better than current event equipment, so you can at least use your thousands of mith now! Hope this helps. Comment below if any of the numbers are wrong and correct them plz. Ty all and happy kawing
  2. I already made a thread about this, but I called it a glitch because you don't have to grind for crap you just buy it
  3. rip if repeat thread lock plz ty mod
  4. This is just an expansion of the other thread. Ty both yall
  5. This isn't just a repeat thread, it actually goes into details about numbers, etc.
    The other just states this idea (reasonable) but categorizes it under glitch (it's not a glitch, very different definition).
  6. Agreed. x_x thread just said you could transmute mith items if you were willing to grind.

    Hippy, you actually gave us some direction and provided some research for us to build on.

    Your post goes beyond stating the obvious. Thanks for the good info.
  7. Thanks for the info. Keep it up
  8. This is helpful since most of us will probably just go ahead and transmute without enchanting first from the excitement of this new feature .. lol

  9. A lot of people already have. It's cringy tbh. People are doing this to unenchanted event items
  10. You haven't even fully enchanted the crap you have on. Please explain how you're going to get enough aqua and inferno to enchant every piece of equipment from events?
  11. Yeah I haven't fully enchanted all of my stuff? What's your point? The stuff I've transmuted is fully enchanted though which some people haven't done so idk what your point is? If you were smart you would wait until it's fully enchanted to transmute it? That's how I'm going to do it. What's your next idiotic question?
  12. My point is exactly what i said you will never enchant all the equipment lol you're the only idiot I see. You get top tier in the event and all the aqua and inferno goes on that for your main equip so how exactly are you going to enchant everything else? You didn't even answer my 1st question so I don't expect anything smart to come from your next load of dribble.
  13. You wait until you get enough aqua or inferno, it's pretty simple, to understand. If I have to explain that to you, then you're already a lost cause. You think turning all your equipment at lvl one instead of waiting until it's maxed is the way to go and then try and argue that with me, I shouldn't even be arguing with you, it's too easy for me. Who says you'll never enchant all your equipment? You seem to paint a broad brush on a lot of things boy. Yes I did answer your question, you just don't like hearing the truth. You must be a sjw
  14. Good luck with enchanting all the event equipment then haha what a moron.
  15. Good luck with not defending your points and reinforcing mine
  16. I actually think you're trolling you sound that dumb so I'll just leave you to it.
  18. You might want to write this down add a moment in history. ...but I'm actually siding with tz on this
  19. I did throw a insult but you insulted me 1st and you still didn't answer the original question but its OK.

    I got 12 pieces of equipment from the last event and 10 from the one before that I am deeply sorry that I do not have enough aqua and inferno to enchant every single piece lol and neither do you. If you can enchant that much equipment from every event which is how it will be from now on because of the new showcase I will take my hat off to you.
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