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  1. TOU states
    "You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift, or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void and may result in the forfeiture of your Account."

    So the consequence is only a "may"?
    No wonder I see people still selling and gifting accounts.
  2. This simply doesn't make sense
  3. I'm assuming that they mean "may" as in "if we find out and feel like we need to/want to forfeit that account".

  4. How much money is being spent by this account by the time we found out it was transferred XD
  5. If its reported with proof itll be the banhammer. Just dont be dumb about it and get caught lmao
  6. ATA has never penalised an account that was transferred or sold, especially if the account spends $$ on nobs. 
    This part of the TOU is basically just a harmless bark.
  7. Well thats not true. I know many many accounts that sit with a ban because of this very thing
  8. Just because of being a gifted accounts?

    You must be privileged to know. I know of countless accounts that were sold or gifted but still strutting around.
  9. Yea i guess u can call it privledge haha i have been in the "know" for a long time

    Bro i know accounts banned just for saying "my gf was using my account"
    But like i said just gotta be careful, they need proof to ban. So yes still many gifted and sold accounts still active
  10. Honestly I think ata should cash in on this loophole and start trading accounts formally.
    They could set the price levels so that purchasers wouldn't get ripped off.
    They could have control over account transfers and make a small commission on sales.

    As for gifting accounts. What's the issue?
    Multiple users one account and bots I see the issue but seriously a player quitting and gifting their account.
    If a new interested player is willing to play and potentially spend ( if they buy the account chances are they will spend so more incentive there ) it's a plus. Rather than more dead accounts. We gain active players that may not have earned their stats. But at least they play the account.

    Anything that keeps active players in the game is a plus. And these days with Growth being so demanding I could see why many would rather buy a more established account than create a new one.

    All that would matter would be the price limits as set by devs to make sure it's sensible and not exploited.
    Which outside of their control. It could be easily
  12. how do you make a statement then directly contradict it in the same sentence.
  13. Ayy, it's you. Funny that you're posting this.
  14. They did penalised me when they found out that an account had been gifted to me even though I had spent real money on it and had used it over a period of 2-3 years
  15. As if they care about who uses what kingdom at this point in the game.

    If the account Is spending, It's not going to ever be banned.

    That luxury ended about 3 years ago
  16. ^ kotfe probe??? Alison has gone full circle. Good job! 
  17. Yes, the word they used is indeed, "may." The word they used is "may" because it all depends on the circumstance and the account at hand. People claim that if you spend money that it won't happen to you, but that's not true. I know several big spending accounts that just sit with a ban now. I know many accounts that get away with it though, and I'm sure ATA does too, but unless its reported to them WITH solid evidence, I can't guarantee they'll do much to your account. In the end, ATA doesn't like this sort of stuff because it can always end badly. Once you get yourself tangled up in that mess ATA support won't help you since it's against ToU, so that's also something to think about.

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