Transfer Mithril, Aqua nd Inferno??

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by KREUZRlTTER, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. hi folks. i know there r a lot of players out there with many alternative accounts nd many friends. why aren't we able to transfer mith, aqua or inferno from one account to another? it doesn't matter if it's ur alt or just a friend. f.ex. i have a gh acct, but i prefer my main atk build acct. unfortunately, my gh is doin more wars as my main so i would prefer to enchant my main's equips. :D what u guys think? or is there already a thread like this :lol:
  2. 100% SUPPORT 
  3. totally agree Mojito ;) it s ur own choice if u r usin or transfering them. u won or bought them, u can do with them what u wan't. plse devs, change this ... i will hav a lot of friends who wan't to send me some miths lmao ... 100% support
  4. Support this 110%
  5. Lets all make bunch of alts doing TVP and let all have mith equip!!! WOO HOO
  6. Yet another vote for 100% support
  7. No Support Very easy to abuse, if you could explain abuse prevention I would be alot more interested.