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  1. I just started trading charms recently and I find it hard to compute the total amount of cs (combined stats) from charms I want to trade it's just not accurate I hope devs can do something about it. And also in furnishings we can see the actual stats we get from furnishings why not make the same in Showcase?
  2. Its good as is no improvement needed.
  3. @Flame, you can get a rough idea of your charm bonuses by removing your equipment and looking at the BFE tab.
    What you see there is almost entirely from charms.

  4. Showcase feature lacks. It needs more improvement

  5. Yep. But is it too much to ask for a little improvement? They can spend time on thinking what event to launch but have no time for making the game running smoothly
  6. There's a new trading update in the works.
    A new sort feature too, perhaps a better trading interface.

    Some players already have the sort feature on their devices to test it out, since it's in beta. I posted a picture of it on my "Showcase Edit" thread.
    Eventually ATA will bring out a sort feature for our showcase, a better trading interface and improvements to the whole process. They're just really slow and inept at it.

  7. That's really good to know. Guess I was wrong about them
  8. Is anyone having trouble. Trading as when I go to select item 2 trade it will not select item into trade box ps I’m on iPhone 7. Help please
  9. I get that all the time bonecrusher, u have to go back and repeat the select action , on the third time it will go where u want it !